In 2011, Cheer up Foundation Leads the Youngsters to Activate the Courage to Pursue Dreams

Gamania Courage ship is expected to be one of the pivot events of this year. 

Through the canoe context, Janet and Tommy exhibited the true courage of

“Fear not, dare to pursue your dream. ”

Since its inception in 2008, Gamania Cheer Up Foundation has been encouraging teenagers across Taiwan to dream and be themselves. What is the most important thing for them to make that first step? Through the survey made by the Foundation this year and analyzed by parental expert, Ms. Wu Jane-Yu. We discovered that the new generation of teenagers tend to rely on the external aid and financial help when pursuing their dreams and lack the opportunity to take part in the “courage building education.”

In light of this, as the annual Summer School made its way to 3rd year, the Foundation decided to take “Courage” as this year’s theme. The Courage Education Course aims to help the participated college students to build up team spirit and dare to challenge themselves. Like Albert once said, through this kind of courage training, the Foundation can, “Encourage teenagers across Taiwan to activate their courage to pursue dreams and to learn perseverance when confronted with setbacks! ”

This year ‘s activities included in the Summer School ranges from the sea to the mount and that’s no exaggeration! Under the collaboration with Outward Bound Taiwan, this team of courageous teenagers took on the no engine sailboat set from Hong Kong to Taiwan, adventurous sports like canoeing etc. After the course was finished, volunteers were arranged to go to remote areas where the resources are scarce to contribute what they can to the disadvantaged children in Taiwan. And along the way, they passed on the spirit of courage with them!

Courage training is a method of education that has been adopted and practiced by the Western countries for some time. The purpose is to let the teenagers experience learning first-handily through various outdoor activities and themed adventures. They learn to face defeat, accept challenge, to be independent and self-reliant and understand and respect life, all of which are important factors for pursuing dreams. After a few days of training, we saw the change in these teenagers’ eyes—the conviction to pursue their dreams! 

Survey on the courage to pursue dreams by post e-generation teens

Survey Object

The survey aims at teenagers born in the 80s and 90s and compare the data with that of their parents (born in the 60s and 70s)

Teenagers who lack courage

We found out that this post e-generation of teenagers generally lack the courage to pursue their dreams/goals in life compared with teenagers overseas. Nearly 70% of Taiwanese teenagers only ranked 3 (5 being the highest) when evaluating their courage to pursue dreams/goals. The key factors reflect that these teenagers tend to over-rely on money and family. 

Overprotective Parents

We also found out from the survey that only 22% of teenagers acknowledged that their families have provided courage education, compared with 50% of parents who claimed to have given kids courage education showing an obvious gap. With most parents reckon the key to pursue a dream/goal lies in the “family” as oppose to “courage”, which also reflects the protective attitude that Taiwanese parents tend to have. 

When adventurous superwoman, Janet met with extreme polar trekking fighter Tommy Chen!?

Two courageous teenager role models, Janet and Tommy, are ready to have a bout under water. 

A 3 year old kid can walk, run, jump and most importantly, he/she fears nothing! As Summer School marched into its 3rd year, Courage was chosen as the theme of the year. Foundation also invited two teenager role models who show tremendous courage, Jane and Tommy Chen. These two even had a canoe competition to demonstrate the spirit. The competition was a true test of their sense of balance and body coordination. Towards the end, they had to do a half standing pose on the canoe (which is very difficult to do) in order to grab the flag of courage (and victory). Their perseverance was the proof that they are indeed the fighters that “fear no difficulty, dare to pursue goals!”

Gamania Courage ship is expected to be one of the pivot events of this year. 

Through the canoe context, Janet and Tommy exhibited the true courage of

“Fear not, dare to pursue your dream. ”

Janet share her story of “courage” with everyone.

Janet’s Courage Story

Janet share her story of “courage” with everyone.

“I once changed the path of life for my dream. Although I was worried I might fail, I realized I actually gained more than I lost. Life is about learning how to face failures and setbacks bravely, it is then that you begin to fulfill your dream.” Jane

A lot of times, we need courage not only when we face difficulty in natural environment but obstacles in life. 

Janet went to Ecuador alone to be a volunteer when she was 16. Facing this strange new environment, nervous as she was, she accepted these cultural shocks and these in turn changed her perception about life in the future. The most  “courageous” thing she’s ever done was to give up the opportunity to study in the medical school for her dream.

No matter what happened, Janet told everyone, “facing a unknown territory takes a lot of courage, but you actually gain more in the process. The biggest of which is to learn that you can only fulfill your dream when you learn to face failures in life.”

Tommy’s Courage Story

“Wisdom requires setbacks, courage requires exploration, dream requires self-discipline.” Tommy Chen

Tommy Chen was chosen as the spokesperson for Foundation’s Summer School. He is said to be a role model of courage representing the post e-generation. He accomplished 100km marathons in both North and South Poles. Tommy also told us that he was extremely nervous before he sets off to a new challenge. To stand fast in the game, you need to bring out the courage!

We fear and feel insecure because we’re out of our comfort zone. It is because this very reason, Tommy encourages teenagers to try all sorts of crazy, adventurous activities with passion to broaden your “comfort zone.”

No matter which generation you are, what language you speak, how much resource you have, there is no excuse for not pursuing your dream. This is the encouragement Tommy left for all of us. 

Tommy Mom’s courage Story

“Children are not my possession, what I can do is to help them create their own lives. We’ve been very supportive of Tommy and are proud of his courage to pursue his dream. ” Tommy’s mom

According to the Courage survey, 50% of parents think they have given the kids proper courage education when in fact only 22% of teenagers acknowledge it. In fact, letting the kids to freely pursue their dreams is also a kind of courage! 

Tommy’s mom told the Foundation when Tommy first mentioned his plan to go to North Pole, the family was against it. However, due to Tommy’s persistence, his parents were both persuaded and saw his dream from his perspective. Tommy’s mom told us, “I discovered that when my child feels our support, he will work that much harder to realize his dream.” Maybe that’s the courage lesson that all parents should learn from.

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