Courage Triology-Part 2:Stepping Out of Comfort Zone, Outdoor Training that Inspires Courage

The Nature could teach us many things, including the “self” we’ve never really discovered. This 5 day outdoor training enables teenagers to learn by exploring and experiencing the Nature. From river tracing and canoeing, they learned to build a team, to lead and cooperate. From assemble and dissemble tents and cleaning the camp site, they acquired the ability to be independent and take initiative. From the challenge of mountain climbing, they learned to take care of each other, self-motivation and the positive attitude to never give up. 

Stepping out of the comfort zone, out of complacency, you can hear your heartbeats in the challenge and face your own fear. This is how you make the breakthrough and rediscover courage.

Training Process of Dream Seeds
Day 1
Team Building
1. Getting know to each other and the environment
2. Culinary skill
3. Team interaction
Day 2
Outdoor Challenge Course
1. River tracing team building (the 1st round did the canoe due to weather concern)
2. Challenge yourself
Day 3
Leadership Skills
1. Leadership skill course
2. Decision model building
Day 4
Outdoor Challenge
1. Through mountain climbing to push the physical limit
2. Solitude training
Day 5
Final Challenge
1. Examine personal dream/goal
2. Action plan for personal dream/goal

▲These seeds of Dream need to take on a series of outdoor trainings. 

▲ Canoe training. 

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