Leave the claw marks and the spirits too

Gama Bears inherit the spirit of pursuing glory from Gamania and never give up any battle. Though there were setbacks and failures, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going until the victory arrives. Gama Bears spirit can be easily observed from the logo and uniforms of every generation. Now, more products were launched while the spirit of Gama Bears keeps spreading. G!VOICE is going to show the identification, uniforms, and products of Gama Bears to all.

Unique V-Shape as the Symbol of Victory

The idea of fighting for battles and pursuing glory can be easily be found on Gama Bears logo. The design of logo was inspired by the Formosan black bear, one of the endemic species in Taiwan. Formosan black bear loves to have fun and possesses with great strength. The most distinct part on its body is the V-shape on its chest as the metaphor of the ultimate victory. The features of Formosan black bears were the reasons for the team to adopt its name— Gama Bears, and were also used in designing the team logo.

Trendy Gama Bears Uniform

1st Generation: Black Shine

The first generation of Gama Bears uniform was made with soft fabric and was very comfortable. The element of Gama Bears logo was implemented in the uniform, using black as the base to symbolize great power and the white V-shape locating on the chest, waist, and sleeve parts of the blazer. The spirit of pursuing victory was successfully demonstrated in the uniform.

2nd Generation: Orange Wave

The second generation of inform removed the element of black, which seemed quite ‘heavy’ and added the iconic orange element of Gamania. The sturdier fabric was used so that the uniform could look even upstanding when being worn. The V-shape of Formosan black bear remained on the chest and pants and fierce bear claw marks were added. The arm, chest, and shoulder areas were made available for the labels of sponsors and product. The most distinctive part between the uniforms of 1st and 2nd generation was the number and name of player on the back so that the players can be easily identified during live games.

2nd Generation Plus: Jacket

There was a plus edition of the second generation. In order to make players feel comfortable and relaxed during the games, lighter and softer fabric was used to make the jacket. The labels of sponsor and product were removed while the number and name of player remained on the back of the jack which provided a different feeling from the uniform. 


Many might have seen various style of Gama Bears T-Shirts since the first year of TeSL. Why there are some many different versions of T-Shirts then? Because in order to make the Gama Bears fans to wear the Gama Bears-themed clothes to cheer for the players during the finals, the team designed different T-shirts in accordance with various themes every year. Some of these T-Shirts could be purchased and some were free giveaways. Anyone collected them all?

Exclusive Limited –Gama Bears Products

To celebrate the duo championships won by Gama Bears on the fifth TeSL, limited Gama Bears products are now available at Yahoo! Taiwan Mall(http://tw.mall.yahoo.com/store/gamania.group). The first launch includedlucky charms, card holders, and water packs. Sakugetsui from KartRider, SJ from Counter Strike Online, and Sen from SC II were invited to endorse the products. If you’re Gama Bears fans, don’t let this great opportunity of bringing home your favorite Gama Bears products slip away.

Lucky Charm

The lucky charms endorsed by the King, Sakugetsui, came with three styles – the yellow “Score Bear”, for academic performance; black “Genki Bear” for the health; and pink “Sweet Bear” for love and romance. The Gama Bears lucky charms will be great choices for providing blessings for your academic performance, health, and love life.

EasyCard Holder

Multi-functioned card holders endorsed by man of the men, SJ can be easily worn on the neck. High-tech was used to produce the card holders to ensure the high quality. The card holder can also be used as a wallet with multiple inside sleeve pockets. In addition, free stickers of four Gama Bears players and Gama Bears will be provided as gifts with the purchase of card holders.

Water Pack

Water packs, endorsed by Worm King, Sen, have matted exterior look to present a tasteful appearance. The high-tech coating prevents the paintwork peeling and design of buckle allows the pack to be buckled on the pants conveniently which is both pretty and practical.

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