The luxurious internet resource of Gamania

The luxurious internet resource of Gamania

Gamanians would use a part of the internet resource at work every day. However, we may not know how luxurious the service is. What kind of internet resource does Gamanian possess? G!VOICE is going to take an IT tour for the readers now!

Luxury 1: 32TB FTP space

The Gamania FTPs of \\gfs01 and \\gfs02 are the central hubs for file exchanges every day. We can share files with our co-workers through FTP. We may be wondering, why the FTP space seems never full? Actually, it will full but we have a super large FTP space of 32BT therefore we can easily share the files with others.

Luxury 2: the upload and download bandwidths are both more than 100MB

Gamania currently has high speeds of 100MB for uploading and downloading. The internet bandwidth we use is like a highway, only Gamania cars can be driven on it and no other cars are allowed to occupy the lanes. If the bandwidth is not enough, it can be adjusted at any time and that’s why we call it 100MB or higher! Such luxury is envied by the employees in many other enterprises.

Luxury 3: unlimited email size

Gamanians were bothered by the oversized emails – they had to part the files then send multiple emails to the receivers or to use external mailbox to send emails with large files – for long. However, starting from this June, there were no limits on the email size no more. Any email can be sent successfully as long as the hard drive space of receiver is enough for the file.

Comparisons of Gamania Internet Resources

Though we keep emphasizing the luxurious internet resource possessed by Gamania, yet how good is it, exactly? The IT department provided us with a latest data sheet. Let’s take a look at the data and you will find out!

Internet bandwidth

▲(Figure 1: The internet bandwidths of Gamania and other enterprises. Data collected date: 6/15/2011)

G!VOICE: both the bandwidths for uploading and downloading are 100Mbps and is an exclusive line for Gamanians only!

Mailbox capacity

▲(Figure 2: the mailbox capacities of Gamania and other enterprises. Data collected date: 6/15/2011)

G!VOICE: The mailbox capacity for general employees in Gamania is already larger than other enterprises and managers or higher directors have even larger VIP mailbox capacity.

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