New Gamanians Potter About! Cheer Cup, On!

With the approach of summer, the fun-loving nature of Gamanians stirs once more! That means Cheer Cup, Gamania’s most hot-blooded sports carnival for the year is coming too! The town of Yingge with its cultural ambience was chosen as the site of the games this year. The venues ranged from an indoor gymnasium to the corners of the Old Street, so you can exercise indoors in air-conditioned comfort, or run and jump along the classical streets. There are even local delicacies to taste, making this a perfect itinerary for satisfying the mind and body! Come and feel the heat on the day with G!VOICE! 

Young Gamanians Join the Fun!

With a word from Albert, the Cheer Up was on! Gamma Garden delivered the open performance and when the little kids started doing the popular “Left, Left, Right, Right” dance, the cute way they jumped around melted everyone’s hearts!  

▲Cheer Cup is also a chance for children to show their talents!

▲Apart from exercising, Gamanians also shared their motherhood experience!

Traditional War Cries, Original Performances

The war cries to demonstrate each unit’s morale is one of the highlights of Cheer Cup each year! Many units started arranging the choreography and practicing months in advance, just for the chance to show their moves on the day! Apart from the usual dancing and singing this year, Gamanians also got creative on the theme of “New Gama” with slogans, songs and even – caterpillars!? Let’s take a look at the exciting photos now! 

▲The “Red Storm” by Reddor fired up the crowd with great singing and dancing! 

▲The many hot girls of “Ichiban” rivaled “Sister” in sex appeal!

▲”Transform Gama” invited a monk for enlightenment and gave a spectacular performance of a caterpillar’s transformation.  

Game Up On-Court Off-Court

Gamanian skills were put to the test this year with many competitions this year including basketball, ten-pin bowling, human ten-pin bowling and fun challenges. “Red Storm” led by Reddoor were finally declared the winners. Gamanians – we’ll meet again next year! 

▲”Red Storm” proved unstoppable and took home this year’s Cheer Cup! 

▲Gamanians were liked greased lightning on the basketball court!

▲Heave ho! Heave ho! Human ten-pin bowling was a lot harder than it looked! 

▲Group chief strategy officer William tried out being a human bowling ball for himself! (He seems to be enjoying it!?)

▲Apart from the intense competitions, parents also took their kids to the Old Street to try their hand at making pottery! 

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