2014 DOTA Blockbuster Heroes of Kingdoms Goes into No-Reset Closed Beta

The multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) blockbuster Heroes of Kingdoms co-developed by Gamania and Netease, a leading Chinese game company, recently held two waves of closed VIP betas which received an overwhelmingly positive response from gamers. The no-reset closed beta that everyone has been waiting for will now launch on June 14. In addition to unlocking the widely popular 10 vs. 10 grand melee mode, the fast-paced classic 5 vs. 5 mode with new original maps will also be released at the same time. The Yellow Turban Uprising and Dong Zhuo the Usurper instances of the historical RPG mode will also become available. During the closed beta, players will be able to experience 54 heroes each with their own traits and attributes for free, ranging from Zhao Yun, one of the five tiger generals of Shu Kingdom, or Zhenji who floats like a feather and twists like a dragon. To celebrate the grand launch of Heroes of Kingoms, the famous gaming commentator Ludan was invited to give the opening broadcast. In the future, more commentators will be added to live broadcasts as well. 

 ▲ The Heroes of Kingdoms no-reset closed beta will run from June 14th through to June 22!

4 Easy-to-Learn Battle Modes and First Login Giveaway

It has always been one of the top priorities in Heroes of Kingdoms in order to provide players with the most simple, direct and visually spectacular gaming experience. The development team worked closely with a leading Korean studio and spent 4 months on optimizing a hard-hitting experience. Heroes of Kingdoms offers not only classic 5 vs. 5 team matches, but also generated a huge buzz with its pioneering the 10 vs. 10 grand melee mode. The excitement offers intense online combat for up to 20 layers, providing double the non-stop fun of classic mode! In such a fast-paced game, players can use the Wish function before the game to receive a martial, strategy, fortification, valor, supply attribute or random buff to increase their odds of winning. Heroes of Kingdoms also uses the historical background that everyone is familiar with to create the RPG mode arena. During the closed beta, all of the PVE campaign levels will be unlocked for players to challenge. Come pass the trials of the Yellow Turban Uprising or bring salvation to the masses in Dong Zhuo the Usurper. Between June 14 and 22, players will receive a First Login Gift when they log into the game for the first time. Take to the field with the Auspicious Cloud mount and Double XP card! 

▲The two instances Yellow Turban Uprising (left) and Dong Zhuo the Usurper (right) offer a PVE mode rooted in history. 

Champions Flock to Heroes of Kingdoms, Try Taking Over the World with 54 Heroes for Free 

The character design, exquisite animation and character traits of the heroes in Heroes of Kingdoms have generated much positive feedback from players. The Heroes of Kingdoms development team disassembled then re-combined every action while using live motion-capture technology to faithfully recreate every move by each hero. Extensive historical research was conducted by Heroes of Kingdoms on character appearances. In addition to the historical background, changes in regional costumes over time and even the material used in clothing required rigorous research. During the closed beta, players will be able to experience the traits and attributes of all 54 heroes for free. The 42 existing famous historical heroes will take to the field first on June 14 led by Zhao Yun, Zhu Rong, Sun Shangsiang, Meng Huo, Shamoke and Weiyang; June 19 will see the battle for China joined by Tai Shici, Zang Ba, Hanzo Hattori, Pan Zhang, Zhenji and Jiang Gan. Between June 14 and 22, players with previous experience of DOTA-like games who fill out a questionnaire will receive 3 chosen heroes during open beta. 

▲Heroes of Kingdoms Players will be able to experience bold Zhao Yun (left) and the seductive Zhengji (right) in full.

As they say, teamwork is king. Take on the world with your friends. Between June 14 and 22, Gang creation requirements will be greatly reduced – all you need is 2 players in a party, with 1 player who has accumulated 30 PVP victories during the event period. The other player must pass the instance level Rescue Diaochan by Moonlight (Normal). When both players have completed their respective missions, simply give the required materials to the NPC to get a taste of what being a Gang Leader is like! In order for more players to experience the awesome combat of Heroes of Kingdoms, popular game commentator Ludan has been invited to give the opening broadcast on the day of the closed beta. In the future, more commentators will be added to live broadcasts as well. 

▲The awesome combat of Heroes of Kingdoms, popular game commentator Ludan has been invited to give the opening broadcast on the day of the closed beta

※  Heroes of Kingdoms no-reset closed beta website: http://tw.new.beanfun.com/HOK/
※  Heroes of Kingdoms Facebook fan group: https://www.facebook.com/HOKTW
※  Heroes of Kingdoms behind-the-scenes look at the development of a hard-hitting experience:http://youtu.be/jJpFZI6ayfE
※  Ludan’s premier experience of Heroes of Kingdoms: right off the hilarity scale – See the video at http://www.twitch.tv/blusewilly/profile

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