Gamania Hall of Fame

Gamania Fiercest Award December Winner: 恋姫†夢想

▲GJP-Chief of Operation, Hideki Nakajima

恋姫†夢想 was based on a PC game, 恋姫†無雙 launched by BeaseSon in 2007. The background of the game was set at the “Three Warring States” in China, but replacing all the male characters with beautiful maids. The game was well-received in Japan since its debut launch and gradually moved on to other fields such as cartoon, console game, comics and other spin-off products. The game won the “Moe-Style Game Award” in 2009, and is truly a well-deserved work. 

GJP developed恋姫†夢想, a webpage strategic game based on the existing IP and also the 2nd self-produced and operating game (first one is Kingdom Saga). The game was officially launched in Japan on December 20th and within 11 days, the sales revenue exceeded the target goal by 237%. Soon after that, GJP won another Gamania Fiercest Award with DIVINA. 

The reason for 恋姫†夢想’s good result primarily attributed to the fact the GJP knows Japanese players from head to toe. They know what they like and what they want, hence they launched the Beautiful Maid Game Card Series so that players could hire the martial generals they want in the game. Soon after the product was out, it caused a purchase craze. The sales amount of Beautiful Maid Game Card alone took up 96% of total sales amount. Riding on this momentum, GJP seeks to develop more relevant products that feature on beautiful maids to give the players the utmost satisfying game experience!

▲ A beautiful maid was adopted to portray the traditional character, “Tsao Tsao” on the game card, isn’t it pleasing to look at? 

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