May Gamania Medal of Bravery Winner: Divina

The winner of the Gamania Medal of Bravery has been announced! Divina has won this distinction for the month of May. Divina has been fierce all the way from CB testing to OB launch. In addition to exceeding the figure of having more than 30,000 players online simultaneously, total member count is now more than 300,000. They are breaking records with each passing second. What strategies did the Divina operations team implement to yield such glorious results in revenue for the second quarter? G!VOICE is about to provide you with an in-depth analysis!

GTW Second Game Operations Division, Assistant Manager Marco Chien

The two keys to Divina’s domination in the second quarter

First key to bravery: Precise positioning and set target audience

Divina’s largest selling point is its Japanese Moe style. Not only is game play adorable, a solid team of Japanese voice actors were used in the voice work for characters in game. The operations team latched onto their biggest selling point, strengthening the game’s distinctiveness and advertising this specialty so that it created a lot of differentiation between Divina and its competitors on the market.   The operations team analyzed market trends and found that Moe culture was gradually spreading in Taiwan. Examples of this included more than 50,000 attendees at Fancy Frontier’s Anime Convention in Taipei, maid cafes popping up everywhere throughout Taiwan, and Moe elements found on the packaging of food and other items. Thus the target audience was redefined to appeal towards comic and animation lovers who like cute, Moe style RPGs. Once the target was established, the operations team was able to conduct a series of promotion and recruiting events targeting these groups.

Second key to bravery: Proper utilization of player testing resources

The operations team made the most out of player testing data from 2 FGD and CCBs to precisely pinpoint the levels which suffered from player loss and what players loved or disliked about the game. After intensive discussions with the development team, game content and marketing strategy was readjusted to meet player demands. In addition, in order to accommodate the Moe style of the game and the target audience, players are now able to acquire random outfit capsules through daily missions. This encourages player retention and enhances overall willingness to pay for game play by offering players the opportunity to obtain outfit capsules. 

▲How can anyone resist the desire to put these adorable Chinese style outfits on? 

▲Aren’t the cloud and flying pig mounts just ridiculously awesome?   

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