Gama Townhall Feature Report

Albert announced: GTW created record high monthly revenue, Gama-bear won the champion title, Gamania is building childcare center and establishing clothing line.  

The first Gama-townhall of 2011 took place on February 11th. CEO Albert made a statement regarding the “GASH card incident”, announcing GTW’s outstanding January revenue which proved the previous forecast to be true: GTW was not affected by the setback but created the best revenue of all time.

Albert said that in the past, channel cost was way over the board and it’s unhealthy for the entire digital entertainment industry. Besides, nowadays, we have more than one “channel” for payment choice. Gamania always prides itself as the revolution pioneer in Taiwan digital industry therefore, when facing unreasonable channel fee demand, Gamania decided to lead the “Convenience Store Channel Battle”. Ridding the unreasonably high charge from the convenience store, Gamania’s monthly revenue achieved record high, marking at NTD 584million.

In addition, our very own Gama-bear eSports team successfully defeated Wayi Spider team on January 21st, 2011 and won the champion. During this Gama-townhall, Albert especially commended on their success.

Next, the spokesperson of Gamania Cheer Up Foundation, Tommy Chen shared with everyone, “-40C Courage”, his personal experience on his past journeys and ultra-marathon in North Pole, South Pole and Himalayas. He talked about his views and thoughts on “pursuing dreams”. He compared a dream to a mountain, “it’s always there, you can go at anytime. But it depends on how persistent and tenacious you are.”

During the Q&A session, Albert answered Gamanians’ questions and announced two big events: Gamania will establish a Gama Childcare Center and its own clothing line. Albert said that he hopes Gamania will become the coolest company and Gamanians who heard about the great news were really looking forward to it!

▲ Albert announced January revenue, showing the channel battle with the convenience stores is a “landsliding victory”.

▲ Albert received the highest honor of eSports, “Iron Beast Gold Cup”and took a group picture with Gama-bear team.

▲ Gama-Town invited the spokesperson of Cheer Up Foundation, Tommy Chen to share his experience and thoughts.

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