My Dog Tulip—An Animation Move that Closes to Heart

Creative Center Director, Pongo Kuo,

“Sometimes people don’t want to love each other, so they love dogs. The film plays a joke on everyone. People gave up mutual communication and turned into one way communication with their pets. However, the funny thing is, right now with all the abuse, animal abandonment incidents going on in the society. In the film, the old doctor couldn’t afford to keep all the puppies, after little Tulip gave birth to 7, 8 of them, so he had to gave away the puppies. Later on he realized that these puppies had to suffer through terrible things. So you could imagine the contradiction and conflict.”

Film Summary

The old man spent most of his life to ponder the true meaning of a “good friend”. After he adopted a somewhat eccentric German Sheppard named Tulip, he realized that the most wonderful 15 years of his life was spent with this bitch. The film was adapted from the late gay writer, J. R Ackerley’s best selling novel, turning British humor into concise American animation. The film didn’t aim to invoke excess emotional overflow, but let the emotion and wisdom trickle throughout. It is the equivalent of Marley and I in animation, and is highly recommended for those who love dogs. 


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