2010 Year-end Party Theme: Agogo Night!

Men and women dressed in 70s retro outfits: head scarf, bell-bottomed pants, over-the-top makeup, dancing feverishly on the stage, the uproar through the roof. The venue was NTU stadium, this was the “Agogo Night”, Gamania’s 2010 year-end party. 

For Gamania, the year-end party is the one of the most important annual events. A day when group shows their gratitude and appreciation towards the staff and when Gamanians can relax, have fun and show their passion towards fun. 

In the past, the year-end party always had a theme and this year was no exception. 2010 was the “battle year” for Gamania, therefore the staff welfare committee set the theme, “Agogo Night” and adopted the idea of “Gamania Military Club” to symbolize Gamanians just had a year of good fight and they’re ready to celebrate and party. 

Do you want to know how crazy the party could get? How much fun it was? Take a look at the pictures below! 

▲The Red Carpet Walk: this group adopted the 70s’ Retro look

▲ And of course, there was Military style. 

▲ Many Gamanians even dressed to impress. Right next to the host was Lolita  (right) from a Taiwanese variety show featured university students. 

▲ Playboy bunny girls entered the stadium holding the lucky draw boxes

▲ Elvis Presley played by a Gamanian warmed up the scene with their hot dance. 

▲ CEO Albert (middle) was asked to go on stage to join the performance. 

▲ CRO, Alan Kuo played the oddball version of Marilyn Monroe. 

▲ The fun permeated the stadium, on and off stage. 

▲ Gama Star Award: each year Gamania will select staff with exceptional performance as Gama Stars and fly these people to GTW to attend the annual year-end party hosted at GHQ. This was a group picture taken at this year’s event. 

▲ Three promotion campaign posters made especially for the year-end party. Special token gift for participants of this year’s party: a Gamania Military Club Beer Glass. Let’s use it to give a toss and wish Gamania, “Start the new year with a bang!”

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