Gamania shakes up its four business entities to be a whole ecological network enterprise

After more than two years of preparation, the Gamania Group transformation has finalized. At the spring press conference, the Group presented its goal and prospect for 2017, and also disclosed its new headquarters to display Gamania’s pleasant working environment.

With a clear 4+1 strategy, the Group reaps a fruitful harvest

The Group’s CEO Albert said the health of all business entities had been improved at the present stage, with gaming, e-commerce, payment and media as focuses for development. The comprehensive services aim to penetrate everyone’s life  through the combination of the three momentum-oriented industries – gaming, e-commerce and payment – and media, as well as the creative development fully promoted by start-ups.

Meanwhile, the Gamania Group sets “Touch down with efficiency, mobility and goal-oriented spirits” as the goal of the year, hoping to enter various fields for profits with the best results through streaming services on mobile devices!

New space unveiled as a model for internet startups

Through this press conference, Gamania’s new headquarters building made its debut to the press. Located right behind the entrance, the streamline ∞-shaped reception desk signifies the starting point of Gamania among rational space lines and is connected to the core of the whole building. The fully opened office space facilitates communication between colleagues and encourages interaction to accumulate creative energy. One thing worth mentioning is that the space is not limited to internal communications. Gamania hopes to create more innovative thinking through providing support to Taiwan startups, making the space on the first floor open to startups and great design, cultural and creative and e-commerce teams, so that creativity and brains can meet at Gamania headquarters to allow all ecologies in various industries to co-exist and let the idea of open space spread to every corner.

▲The streamline ∞-shaped reception desk signifies the starting point of Gamania  

▲The open office area allows Gamanian to communicate freely

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The design idea of Gamania 2017 annual theme: “Touch down with efficiency, mobility and goal-oriented spirits.”
Touch down means to score in American football and touch also means to control mobile devices with fingers. The lightning completely conveys an efficient and dominant image.

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