Witness the power of 5 in 2017 with the introduction of a 5th job

It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for, after a 10 year hiatus, popular Gamina game “Maple Story” is introducing all new 5th job content coming to players in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau starting from today (18). Players who have attained LV200 in their main job can go to the temple of time to get their fifth job, and experience all new ability system: “V Matrix”. Through the “V Matrix” players can strengthen or disassemble core ability items, allowing players of all jobs to make their abilities as powerful as possible. At the same time, the all-new adventure story map “Arcane River” is also set for release. Players can enter by using the cross roads of time to go through the Door of Present (Middle Door) and help Kao increase his energy, and protect the world from disaster by looking for the secrets of memory. Players must not miss out on the all new equipment system “Arcane Symbol”. The system not only increases the player’s arcane power, but also greatly strengthens the player’s character type. In order to lead “Maple Story” players into the brave new 5th job future, from now until February 14, players need only complete “TAKE V” quests for a chance to earn “Rare Navigator 17 Star Weapon Boxes” and other virtual treasures.

▲Today (18) “Maple Story” introduces long awaited 5th job content

How charming! “Maple Story”‘s 5th job content is now online. Use the V Matrix to strengthen special abilities

“Maple Story” was one of the first free-to-play online games to come to Taiwan, and has continued to provide players an entertaining gaming experience. After a hiatus of 10 years, the news of new 5th job content garnered responses from over 150,000 Maple Story players from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, talking ceaselessly about the leader in Bahamut rankings, evidently “Maple Story”‘s new updated version is truly charming. Today (18) marks the formal release of the 5th job content and “V Matrix” ability system for players in the Taiwan, Honk Kong, and Macau regions. LV200 players may travel to the Temple of Time to gain their 5th job. Players who attain their 5th job unlock 4 skill nodes, and can open a total of up to 11 nodes. Additionally, players can use core gemstones for a chance to earn three different core skill abilities: “Skill Cores”, “Enhancement Cores”, and “Special Cores”. With the “Skill Core”, players earn a new skill of up to LV25. With the “Enhancement Core”, players can enhance current skills up to a maximum of LV50. “Special cores” allow players to earn special abilities. The new “V Matrix” skill system allows players to disassemble or enhance core skill items, and thereby create the strongest skills possible specially for their job, as well as earn their own special charm.

▲The all new “V Matrix” skill system allows players to create the strongest skills for their job

▲Players can use core gemstones to earn 3 types of skill cores: “Skill Cores”, “Enhancement Cores”, and “Special Cores”.

The new map, “Arcane River”, and new system “Arcane Symbols” are here! Accumulate “TAKE V” by logging in to earn rewards. Easily earn “Rare Navigator’s 17 Star Weapons Boxes”.

In order for “Maple Story”‘s 5th job to continue bringing diverse game content and experiences to players, the brand new “Arcane River” map was also released, whose story starts with “Kao”, who lost his memory. Outside of the village in “Arcane River” is a lake of oblivion, those in the area affected by the lake’s waters will gradually lose their memories. “Kao”, who shouldered the quest to defeat the Dark Mage, is on a journey to retrieve his memories, but fell prey to “Rino”‘s plan. “Rino” is trying to lure Kao to the end of Arcane River to leech away all his energy, but then Kao accidentally found out that he was a future adventurer. Players must stop Kao and Lilynouch from travelling to the end of Arcane River to prevent tragedy from striking, help Kao regain his strength, and protect the world by changing the future.

Players can use the center door to enter, and by using Arcane Symbols with sufficient Arcane power, they can effectively attack Arcane River monsters with bonus damage. Additionally, in order to strengthen the player’s character, Maple Story is introducing an all new “Arcane Symbol” equipment system. Arcane Symbols grant the player powerful equipment in the new area, not only increasing the player’s character’s own power, but also greatly strengthening the character’s type. Players can acquire Arcane Symbols through completing certain quests in Arcane River. Two or more of the same Arcane Symbol may be used to increase their level. In addition, if players have attained a certain energy level, players can use Mesos to enhance their Arcane Symbols and increase their level. In order to help players reach LV200 quickly, “Maple Story” has introduced the TAKE V event. From now until February 14, players can accumulate sufficient log-in time, and complete TAKE V quests from each box in order to earn milestones and other prizes. If a player collects a prize box from the required number of days, they can receive a “Rara Navigator’s 17 Star Weapon Box” and other virtual prizes.

▲”Maple Story” released the new map Arcane River, adventurers can enter through the Present Door

▲The new “Arcane Symbol” equipment system provides players with Arcane Power and also strengthens their character’s type

The “Race to Job 5” 24 hour live stream event was a massive success, where nearly the almost 150,000-strong “Player Team” defeated the “Maple Story Celebrity Team”, made up of 12 live streamers

From January 14 to January 15, Gamina’s popular game “Maple Story” is holding warmup events for the “Race to Job 5” at two different venues similtaneously: the Huashan 1914 Creative Park, and Ha2 in Shilin. Those invited include famous live streamers and talented players such as “6tan”, “Leaf”, “Miss Water”, “Chris”, “Egg Roll”, “Yuci”, “Little Ryo”, “Sandy”, “Angel”, “Lo Kangni”, “Ya Chu”, “Ding Xiaoyu” for the 24 hour live stream relay event, where they compete with talented players to race to LV200 and reach Job 5. Over the course of the event, nearly 150,000 people tuned in to the stream. The “Player Team” achieved victory on the first day by reaching LV200, and so on the second day, they took on the role of “Drill Sergeant”, and helped the “Maple Story Celebrity” Team reach their goal. Additionally, on the first day, popular celebrity Manaki (Hsieh, Chieh-Ling) made an appearance, and talked about her experience level grinding while cheering on the two teams. She happily stated, “Maple Story is like an old friend I grew up with. I expect the Player Team to win this 24 hour live stream challenge, and hope that I can play with everyone in the future.”

▲Celebrity Manaki (Hsieh, Chieh-Ling) made an appearance at the “Race to Job 5” 24 hour live stream event, and shared her experience of level grinding

▲Famous livestreamers “Ding Xiaoyu” (left), “Egg Roll” (right), New Boss “Lucita” (center), and the “Drill Sergeant” made up of the player team wrapped up the event nicely

※”Maple Story” new 5th job: https://youtu.be/JXscZzzdycY
※”Maple Story” official Facebook page: https://zh-tw.facebook.com/www.maplestory.msfans.com.tw
※”Maple Story” official website: http://tw.beanfun.com/maplestory/

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