Open & Limitless: Analyze New Patterns of Space

Gamania Group’s new headquarter is located in Taipei Neihu Technology Park, where the horizon is broad. Gamania ecological space 2.0 evolution version has a brand-new conceptual space with a core idea of Open & Limitless. “Open” means open state and eliminating barriers in the space. “Limitless” represents the concept of infinity (Gamania without limits). With all the ingenuity in the office, we hope and expect that Gamanians can cast away constraints, dynamically show their creativity, become much more open-minded and show increased solidarity.

When the core concept, Open & Limitless, is integrated into the interior design of the office, every corner is worth expecting and numerous new highlights are created. Let’s follow G!Voice to check out what brand-new structures Gamania has. Go Ahead!

O1. Open to the public

Walking into the group’s headquarter, first you will be greeted by the lobby on the 1st floor. It not only welcomes Gamanians but also the general public. On the left hand side, there is “SPACE 17EXPO” and “Gamania Museum”, Gamanians’ cultural space; on the right hand side, there is the leisure space “Gama Island”. The brand-new design gets rid of old-style concrete walls, displays open space style and widens the view to the fullest.

O2. Open to ideas

Never let a good idea pass! We can see “Gamanian Discussion Rooms” every floor. The entire strip open space is divided into several compartments by using transparent glasses. The design prevents Gamanians from being interfered, and thereby gives they more freedom. Gamanians can gather their partners at any time, seizing every moment of inspiration!

O3. Open to Gamanians

New structure of the office eliminates all the barriers to interaction between Gamanians. The removal of OA cubicle produces greater breadth for the space. Every department in Gamania can not only operate independently but always keep track of the condition of the cooperative counterpart. This makes Gamanians come much closer to each other and work together without obstacles.

O4. Open to Communication

When Gamanians need to concentrate their attention, there are also some special spaces that are relatively quiet for them, such as the specially organized “Project Room“ and “Meeting Room”. And “Telephone Booth” is a comfortable, cozy soft space for those who need to talk on the phone. Fulfilling the demands for flexibility and mobility at work, this helps Gamanians better control their pace of work without being interrupted.

L1. Limitless view

The lobby on the 1st floor creates limitless view. One can open the arched doors on both sides of the entrance of the lobby. From left to right, there are “SPACE 17”, “Gamania Museum” and “Gama Island”. These rooms are all connected, producing limitless broad view.

L2. Limitless Mind

Fitness room, Gama Island, SPACE 17 and Gamania Museum are the main places where Gamanians enjoy their leisure time and join cultural activities. Based on the concept Limitless, enduring raw materials and stylish uncovered ceiling are employed in these spaces. Such design creates modern expansive atmosphere, wipes out barriers in the space, reduces the sense of confinement and feeling of oppression and thoroughly free Gamanians’ senses.

L3. Limitless Extension

When arriving at each floor, you can see a brand guidance of each floor which uses simple lines of light to guide audience’s sight. With lines extending, it is beyond 2D vision, making a breakthrough in style. Every corner embodies the concept Litmitless, which represents Gamania Group’s experimental spirit to extend its reach in various domains.

L4. Limitless Cooperation

Gamanians’s office area will be arranged in a brand-new form of workstation. Equipments will be put under centralized management so that Gamanians can work greatly closer in teams and exchange awesome thoughts on any occasion. We hope that the vivid and interactive atmosphere in the office can cultivate a more open-minded attitude and thereby form unrestricted partnership.

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