Innovating Flat Out. Gamania Headquarter 2.0 Evolution Ver.

Gamania Group loves challenges. We embrace the dreams that no one dares to have, take on them and blazes the trail with vigor. Gamania is a provider of digital entertainment content and is going to be a navigator of wholly ecological Internet life. We expect ourselves to become the pioneer of startups. By multiple development, extending our reach in cross-over fields, making iconoclastic disruptive innovation, thinking openly outside the box, creating limitless space where creativity is free from constraints, Gamania opens up an unprecedented brand-new world.

Emulating the globally leading counterparts. Brand-new Space Sparks Creative Thinking.

Innovative Internet enterprises, such as global leading companies Google and Facebook, value independent thinking, teamwork, innovation and efficiency. They provide modern working environment, break down the boundary and replace cold meeting rooms with light public spaces, making people part of the space. Surrounded by lively atmosphere, provided with unlimited supply of refreshment, accompanied with the aroma of coffee and whispers from background during the meeting, employees totally merge into the workplace. This creates a positive power with which the employees can work at ease, cast away traditional thinking patterns, grasp the flash of inspiration and build up teamworkship.

▲Semi-open meeting discussion room in Google Taipei helps foster creativities. (Source: Google)

Experienced interior design firm L & L Interiors is responsible for the spatial design of Gamania’s new headquarters. When speaking of the spatial design trend of new offices, person-in-charge Benjamin Lee said, “The trend of times is indispensable to the spatial design of new offices. We can say that the fourth industrial revolution has begun with the rise of the internet and other new technologies. Featured by faster speed, bigger change, and more possibilities, 1. greater flexibility, 2. more space for interaction, and 3. new age aesthetics are shown in the spatial design of new offices.”

▲Benjamin Lee, person-in-charge of L&L Interiors

Gamania is a group running ahead of times, the spatial design of its new headquarters is made to cope with its ambition and setting, according to Benjamin Lee “To reflect this trend in the spatial design, ‘limitless’ is the principal design thinking for a boundary-less, fully creative, flexible, and humanized office space.

Right at the entrance, a free space penetrating inside out links up the Gama island, Space 17, and the reception lobby on the first floor and enables visitors to realize the primitive, boundless design. The same design concept also applies to the spatial design of other floors, particularly the introduction of the ‘core area’ concept in the public area on each floor to eliminate aisles and office partitions for Gamanians to set their body, mind, and spirit free, rid the regional concept of brand, and set up the group-centered working thought.

The characteristics of design language are also important. To create a limitless space, irregular lighting belts are employed in the office’s public area to extend the ‘limitless’ concept with a black background or color. Besides expressing the nonconformist message, it is a means to encourage think differently and search for creative solutions.”

Open & Limitless: Creating the Trend of Future Space

Our employees are the most precious assets. We hope that by working in an “Open & Limitless” environment, Gamanians can have a dialogue with this upgraded space and achieve the optimal efficiency. With open space design of the new headquarter, we value every single person and anticipate the enhancement of mutual trust between colleagues and deeper understanding of each others’ works. Therefore, even two contrasting individuals can achieved perfect balance of co-creation through frequent interaction. Moreover, work patterns perfectly evolve thanks to the mobility created from open space, intensive social interaction and the possibilities of developing cross-over cooperation. Gamania succeeds glorious days and step forward into brilliant future.

Gamania is on the move! The working team formed by the administration, Brand Center, and Corporate Marketing Division has made perfect plans to respond. The administration team is responsible for spatial planning, equipment, and the office environment; the Brand Center controls the consistency of Gamania’s brand tone; and the Corporate Marketing Division takes charge of the publicity activities of the relocation. Plans at each stage aim to realize Gamania’s future blueprint and furnish the new headquarters for Gamania and subsidiaries to show their mettle for a unlimited future of Gamania upon its past glories.

▲Gamania’s working team and the interior design team were busing discussing at the relocation meeting.

About Benjamin Lee
-Interior Designer, HELLMUTH, OBATE & Kassabaum, Inc., USA  
-Fashioner Designer, Yamamoto Kansai Inc., Japan  
-Creative Director, Tang Meng Interior Design, Inc.  
-Founder, L&L Interiors  
-Founder, CJW  

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