From the Past to the Present: The History of Technology as Told in Movies

Movie Recommendation: Back to the Future 2, The Fifth Element

Movies are the windows of our imagination. Many future predictions have already come true thanks to modern technology. Remember the home surveillance cameras, 3D projections and cam-calls depicted in Back to the Future 2? That was how people viewed the year 2015 in 1985. We are in the year 2013, and most of the gadgets in the movie are already embedded in our everyday life. Take The Fifth Element for example. The spaceship-like cars that took our eyes briefly away from the gorgeous Milla Jovovich gives us a look into how we imagine the future to be. Who is to say this will not happen in 10 or 15 years? 

Movie Recommendation: Minority Report, The Purge, Iron Man   

Remember Tom Cruise’s awesome virtual screen in Minority Report? At that time this kind of sensory technology was pretty much a novelty and scarcely heard up. Now, everybody is planning to take this trend into their own market, no matter if its advertisement, finance or show-biz. The movie itself is a prediction of a not-too-far future, too. Is “Pre-crime” really impossible in real life? In the thriller movie The Purge, no alley or dark corner goes un-monitored. In other words: “Big Brother is watching you,” in a much more advanced way, that is. Iron Man is selling us the same message, too. Stark’s wingman, the ever resourceful J. A. R. V. I. S., makes him the superhero he is. Iron Man symbolizes the ultimate relationship man can have with technology: With it, we are informative, responsive and invincible. Without it, we are just flesh and bone with good ideas. 

Movie Recommendation: Kick-Ass   

What is a better way to relate to generation Z and their connection with virtual community and networking than the movie Kick-Ass? The protagonist became the “It” person overnight by going viral on Youtube. This not only reflects what actually happens in real life, but also, it happens every day. You get the chance to become a household name through the simplest means, yet to the greatest effect. Literally, you can make yourself a star with the right tools at the right time. 

Movie Recommendation: Avatar, Life of Pi   

Yet, no matter how much we give technology credit for, stories like the ones told in Avatar or Life of Pi always pull us back, literally “back to earth”. We all know that the path we are taking is a dangerous and risky one, and precisely because of this reason, ever more people are demanding to look more closely into what kind of future our “civilization” is turning into. Technology will change, but humanity does not. No matter how different the world may be in the future, one must never forget: Change is aimed to make our lives better, and not the other way around.         


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