Something You Feel Monotonous Could be the Guarantee for Success

The Power of Repetition

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「"If you only do things in the heat of the moment, you would fail; but if you do it persistently for a long time, you would succeed."We often think that repetition is boring and lacks sense of achievement, but professional personnel enjoys repeating and they are persistent in whatever they do. This book mentions that if you want to be a professional on one subject, you need to invest about 10,000 hours on it. The more times you repeat, the stronger the momentum, the closer you get to your goal. If you believe and insist, you can do it. 」





After graduating from the university, Brent Hu worked for a couple of years. Then he realized that he had his ideal and dream but was living in the ‘default’ environment that his parents arranged and set up for him. He couldn’t be in peace with himself or to be free to do what he wanted to do. This kind of “I could have…” or “I would have…” thoughts grew in him. These contradictions made him negative and whine a lot.


Until one day, Brent discovered that ‘repetitive imagination’ could reinforce his positive thinking and created a momentum for him to achieve his goals. He finally stepped to the right direction: he passed the accountant exam shortly after. Even thought he is doing the profession that his father anticipated, it is something that he enjoys doing. His method of ‘repetition’ has helped many people become successful, either in being an entrepreneur or developing new product.


——Extract from www.eslite.com



About Author


Brent Hu


Brent Hu graduated from Risk Management and Insurance of National Chengchi University. After serving the obligatory military service in Taiwan, he worked in his father’s accounting firm. He spent three years studying, passed the accountant license exam and became a certified accountant. He encountered the ‘repetitive counting’ by chance and decided to apply the method in different fashion. Two years ago he realized his dream by using his creativity (while working in his father’s firm). He established Wish Power Inc. with his partners to help young people plan their businesses, manage their financial states and realize dreams.


——Extract from www.eslite.com

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