After Half a Century, Still Creative: the Ageless Toy Brand—Lego

▲Lego master, Nathan Sawaya pieced up many seemingly petty Lego bricks into artworks full of life force!

In 2008, Lego, a brand originated from Denmark had gone through half a century but still standing tall. It is the common interest and memory of many children and adults alike. Why is its charm so pervasive that still influences people even after 50+ years? Such charismatic toy possesses the features of numerous combination and diversity so that people could use their imagination and creativity and create many precious pieces and stories!

Creative Lego: Intricate to the Ts

Lego’s slogan has changed from the early ‘Just imagine’ to ‘Play on’. For many years, Lego company has done their best to fulfill this motto. If you put your minds and thoughts into it, you could create an art piece that makes people marvel. Can you imagine if you have 6 Lego cuboids, you could come up with 102,981,500 combinations? The versatility of Lego bricks is truly amazing!

Lego Bricks Reinterpreted the Classic Train Station in Taiwan

▲Lego Train Expo held in Taipei Train Station reminds people of the good old times of early Taiwan rails.

In celebration of 125th anniversary of Taiwan railway, Class Taiwan Train Expo was held in June 2012 at Taipei train station. The expo showcased 6 Lego art pieces concerning classic train stations and trains in Taiwan, created by avid Lego fans. These Lego whizzes surveyed 6 train stations in Taiwan carefully: Keelung Train Station, Old Taipei Train Station, HsinChu Train Station, Taichung Train Station, Kaohsiung Train Station and Zhuqi Train Station. Although these were only miniature Lego pieces, they were presented in a very exquisite way.

▲Keelung Train Station

▲Taichung Train Station

▲Even Even the platform was lifelike.

Manufacture team—Poky Land:


Nathan Sawaya’s Art of the Brick

▲Lego Master Model Builder, Nathan Sawaya came to Taiwan for his Lego Art exhibition.

Nathan Sawaya’s Art of the Brick was held in Taipei Culture Foundation Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, from July to October 2012. His exhibition was recommended by CNN as top 10 must-see exhibitions. The art works came from American Lego master, Nathan Sawaya. He gave the high-paid lawyer job and threw himself in the creation of Lego because of his passion for Lego. He built his Art of the Brick from scratch.

▲Building Red, 2875 Lego Bricks, 2009

▲Yellow, 11014 Lego Bricks, 2006

▲Cracked, 8948 Lego Bricks, 2008

Creating a Cello out of LEGO

Nathan Sawaya — The Art of the Brick


Lego Dispatch Work Project

Lego bricks could be created and built into any art forms, but do you know they can be used to ‘fill in’ the city? When we see a wall with collapsed or crumpled parts, we naturally want to fill it with fillers that originally made the wall. However, German artist, Jan Vormann had a different idea, he used the versatility of Lego bricks to fill in these old and cracked walls. The grey and dull walls now look lively with the colorful Lego Bricks! This crazy ‘dispatch’ the city with Lego bricks project spread swiftly around the world since 2007, you could see the Lego traces in different corners!

New York, ▲U.S

▲Tokyo, Japan

Dispatchwork by Jan Vormann




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