Inspiration from Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2011: Mission, Idea, Solution

Whether you are doing an external promotion campaign or an internal illustration, videos are great tools for briefing. The videos may have different names such as teaser, trailer, PV, MV, Gameplay, Walk Through, depending on their nature or usage. However whatever their names may be, as long as the end receiver is B2B or B2C, the videos entails the task of exhibition and illustration.  

We have previously talked about “How to brief/introduce a game to players.” This time, I’d like to share with everyone how to use videos to illustrate an end result. Several years ago, Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity added an award on the category of Campaign Idea to compete on the overall creativity on the publicity campaign instead of single promotional product. Hence, the organizer proposed an easy format for every participant to follow. The format allows each contestant to clearly state, “What’s the problem?” “What’s the mission?” “What’s the creativity behind the mission?” “Ways of execution?”

The product appears in the video is Tesco. The video clearly appoints out that the number of Tesco stores in South Korea is less than the number of the prevailing (leading) brand. (problem) Under this circumstance, how did Tesco become the leading brand in sales without raising the number of stores?(mission) The idea was to let the “store” come to the consumer. (creativity) The execution was to let the consumers extract the barcode on the poster using their smart phones during the queue or traffic hours. (execution) The result of the promotional campaign enabled Tesco to increase members by 76%, with a surge in internet purchase at 130% which landing Tesco at number 1 in internet sales. 

The video lasts 2.5 minutes. The rationale is simple and clearly expresses the causality and result of the publicity. This kind of video illustration is easy to made and may be tremendously helpful for meetings held within Gamania or for briefing our collaborating partners. We should perhaps try to express ideas by way of video and avoid using formulated graphs and template power point. 



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Past experience included domestic/overseas CM production, film release and cinema marketing, Dentsu Beijing’s creative team and Gamania director. Currently section manager for Product Development, Gamania Japan. 


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