The Infectious Power of Voice-Over in TV Commercials

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The was a movie called Any Given Sunday, directed by Oliver Stone and the lead actor was Al Pacino. The movie was about the fame, money, rights, conviction and honor between the victory and defeat in the professional football world. What kind of choice would you make? What do you believe in? There were a lot of ‘lecture’ segments such as negotiation, pep talks before the game and persuasion etc. 

The trailer for the game, Madden NFL 13 adopted the same feature. Ray Lewis’s emotional and gung-ho performance, his talk with himself, and to the audience, all run through the mixed scenes of real-life and the game. This caused the players to feel a sense of fervor! This unknown fervor is the key for players to dig in their pockets and pay just to play the game! 

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Let’s take a look at the unfolding of Ray Lewis’ talk and the editing of scenes across time and space: his saliva spurted so far when he spoke! He was definitely passionate about his speech! The close-up shots of colliding and ramming seeks to resemble the ‘rawness’ of the real professional football game, instead of explaining how the game should be played or its exquisiteness. 

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In the trailer, Ray’s voice-over was accompanied by audible music soundtrack. It didn’t incorporate exaggerating sounds effects to recreate the ambience, nor did it play with special effect. Ray’s over-over was like a fuse waiting to be ignited. The camera shot followed the fuse, going faster and faster. The viewers’ emotions got hyped up higher and higher, like a pack of revolution followers rushing forward with their leader or like the troops in the movie ID4, taking a vow to protect human beings. 


13 Trailer of Madden NFL 13





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