How Can Players be Given a Brief on the Game?

In a total marketing strategy, every moment and every marketing tool aim for different objectives. In order to draw the customers’ attention, make them remember, entice them to purchase and make a favorable impression on them, one needs various marketing information and tools.

What makes games quite different from ordinary products in the use of marketing tools is the Gameplay screen, i.e. game content, which is shown in the advertising process, like a teaser wherein the players see the finished product without pay.

However, is there really anyone who shows the entire Gameplay to players? Of course, there isn’t such a fool… In advertisements, there are representations of the product such as al dente noodles, a big chunk of beef, crisp fried chicken cutlet with sauce, models with big breasts, efficient ABS (Anti-lock brake system), an image of a harmonious and happy family after buying insurance, etc. 

Of course, they are all fake!!! All these props and situations were all made up and have gone through a lot of re-creation and fixing process.

Let’s have a look at how this PV briefs the players on the game. There is a PV in the official site of Gears of War 3 to be sold on Sept. 22. The publisher named it as Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 Briefing Trailer. What a great way to call it! Briefing Trailer! Based on the name itself, one will already know it is an introduction on how to play the game. It lets one know that it will introduce a game without preamble. When one plays the video, not only can one see flitting bullets and mutants that are shot and made to bend down, bleed and kneel, but also how to play the game through the voiceover and video clips of Gameplay. It will teach the player that enemies will be shot to bend down, bleed and kneel if you click on X; that one can activate the safety fence by pressing that button, so that enemies can’t get close to you and they could do nothing more than wail (I am talking nonsense here).

The use of the right colors, dissolving screen edges, motion blur, slightly shaking game screen and flaring effects are all tools that help to create a great game screen.

Similarly, al dente noodles in ads are made from plastic injection; the sauce bursting from the crisp fried chicken cutlet is injected using a syringe; the big breasts in D cup size belong to a model born beautiful and who charges 80 thousand Yuan for shooting that commercial for six hours…

This PV is a wonderful example on how to provide a brief for your game! Give players a favorable impression of the game even without actually playing it yet and spark their interest in it. Regardless of whether the game is the type favored by players, the trailer must entice them enough to play so they will swipe their card.

Inside Gaming–Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 Briefing Trailer



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He served as a television advertising producer both locally and internationally, went into film distributorship and theatre marketing, was part of the Dentsu Beijing Creative Competitive Presentation Team, and became the interior director of Gamania. Now he is the Section Manager of the Product Development Department of Gamania Japan.


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