Experiential Marketing Thrills – The Challenge of the Unconventional

The marketing of product features and quality is now old-school. The challenge for marketing now is creating a brand that touches the heart by capturing the customer experience and emotions.

“Experiential marketing” is a brand manipulation technique that emphasizes customer experience. Its top practitioners include COCA COLA and IKEA, and of course, Disney. COCA COLA came up with vending machines that can only be used by forming a human pyramid; or having to align two caps in order to open the coke bottle; IKEA’s real-world showrooms and online catalog app; and then you have Disney and Disney Land where consumers can experience that magic world for themselves. These brands all reach out to excite and inspire. We won’t talk about experiential marketing based on reaching out today though. Let’s talk about something exciting!

“The North Face” – What if the floor suddenly disappears?

The North Face is an American outdoor sporting products brand that encourages people to constantly challenge themselves.

“The North Face” – What if the floor suddenly disappears?

The North Face is an American outdoor sporting products brand that encourages people to constantly challenge themselves.

What if the floor suddenly disappears while you are window shopping and going carefully through the clothing? Has global warming finally peaked? Or has the nuclear power plant gone critical? It turns out that The North Face once conducted an interesting “street” experiment in South Korea. The experiment was aimed at showing you that The North Face is a brand filled with excitement and challenges. Even if you are just shopping, it wants to show you that if you have the courage to attempt the challenge then you might succeed. This fully conveyed the brand’s philosophy.

▲The floor of the shop disappears. Challengers must continue climbing and jump to grab a North Face jacket within 30 seconds.

“UN Women” Lets Egyptian Men Speak Their Mothers’ Name

When people talk about gender equality, they might not know that even the word is taboo is some places. “UN Women” is a UN organization dedicated to promoting global gender equality, women’s rights and preventing violence against women. In 2013, it launched a thought-provoking ad that successfully generated widespread attention and discussion of the issue.

▲women to be seen as equal

▲women cannot accept the way things are

▲women should have the right to make their own decision.

▲women shouldn’t suffer from discrimination anymore.

In 2015, “UN Women” encouraged Egyptian men to speak their mothers’ name out loud on Mother’s Day (3/21).

Many children in Middle-Eastern countries are raised to think that only children from the lower classes know their mother’s name. They are mocked if other people know their mother’s names. It gradually became a trend to feel surprised and embarrassed to be asked their mother’s name. The video encouraged people to change their name on social networks to their mother’s name.

People were encouraged to use this small action to break down the trappings of chauvinism and social taboos through conversation. Changing society takes time. You might take a step forward one day, only to step back the next. The thrill of the breakthrough however brings change little by little It also makes experiential marketing something more than just an experience.

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