The advertisement on the Internet of Things is more than just a catalog.

The concept of Internet of Things can be first found in the movie. Bill Gates puts on a discussion about this concept in his book of future imagination known as “The Road Ahead” published in 1995 for the very first time. In 1998, Kevin Ashton, who was the Director of Auto-ID Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, had officially proposed the term Internet of Things while he was doing a research on Radio Frequency Identification.

Technology has matured much over the last 20 years. The idea of Internet of Things has become a reality. It was found not only in the movie, but also in some series with lots of IoT applications such as “Mr. Brain” starring Kimura Takuya.

Yet, with a topic that focuses on the interpretation of IoT, the advertisements produced in Taiwan still remain on “sculpting the future”. Lots of imagination about the future makes people believe that it is still an unfulfilled technology. For example, the leading telecom business launched an advertisement in 2013 using lots of virtual light and shadows, and lines to interpret IoT. Such an advertising technique can pass on the sense of technology; yet, it creates a distance between people. We would say that an IoT active e-catalog introduces all possible apps rather than saying that it is a way to mark vision.  

A good advertising marketing thrust requires access to the human mind, and has access to life. SK Telecom, a Korean telecom business, released an amusing ad this year for IoT Technology starring a happy couple who loved to poke fun at each other. Compared to the old way of making fun of each other when the wife gave the husband a lunchbox without a side dish, in this IoT era, the new way to make fun of each other has advanced ahead. In each plot, the IoT application can both be used in life and merged into real human nature. Most importantly, it incites the consumers’ desire to give it a try.  

After reading it, can you keep the uncontrollable lips still or does it disclose your desire to also make fun of others? If the answer is certain, do not forget to ask yourself what e-catalog you are making when doing any promotion on the new technology and new product. Or are you making an ad that can trigger a reader’s desire?

Reference: https://goo.gl/fLlUBR
Source: http://goo.gl/7eVgpqhttps://goo.gl/cHzKpT

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