Don’t underestimate the youth as superficial!

Taiwan has one of the highest density in scooters among the countries in the world. Major scooter brands in Taiwan are extremely competitive in terms of prices and creative marketing campaigns. Everyone wants to become the top consumer’s choice.

The scooter market usually target (high school seniors to) college students. First, the target group are pursuing new purchases; second, their first purchase often determine future purchase considerations; finally, brand management must gear towards the youth. Therefore, the mission for the brands is to understand the different demands of various generations of college students. The basic task would be to observe their trends, but whether or not the brands can gain insight from those trends will depends on their skills.

Take KYMCO and SYM as examples, both brands see the popularity and potential of the “one shot filming technique”, but they use the method in distinct ways.

▲The popularity of  the one shot filming technique is evident from the mannequin campaign to pop dance videos

KYMCO utilized the interesting technique to showcase their new models.

SYM used the one shot technique to film a talk show celebrity rapping the thoughts of target customers.

How do the results vary for different approaches towards the same technique? The YouTube ad made by SYM garnered 82239 views while KYMCO received 3473. The difference is whether the brands saw the “hearts” of their target audience.

Youth culture is often deemed superficial and devoid of substance. That prejudice is a “subjective judgment on cultural substance” and misses the true intentions. Therefore, when a brand wants to attract the youth, it must still attempt to find out what they are thinking, what problems they face, and what they desire, to create a video format or language with which they identify and enjoy. That is how marketing can become truly effective.

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