It’s not enough to please consumers; from now on, be a brand with an attitude

You might question the title by asking “A brand is not a person, how can it have an attitude?” Before we answer this question, let’s start by taking a look at a case: do you know the batch home appliance seller 486? In September this year (2019), he posted on the Facebook page (screenshot below), which basically indicates:

Some people attack him for selling Korean products and showing off his wealth. Not only does he not apologize, show his weakness, ask for forgiveness, but he also counterattacks with his full force saying “You haters are a group of idiotic retards. I don’t just sell Korean products, I also sell American, German, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese products. Got a problem with that? I sell everything except Taiwan and my conscience.” He then continued to up the ante saying “I got Panerai, Rolex, and I fly business class. Have you guys ever taken the plane with business class? Idiots…”!  

▲ Look closely. None of the Facebook likes was an “angry” emoji

When have you ever seen a brand like this gangster? Of course, this kind of attitude will displease some (but he doesn’t care, because that means they are not his customers. And because he is the boss, so he can take full responsibility of acting like a gangster. No recommended for any staffs. That’s for sure XD). Do you think that his fans who agree with him will avoid him like the plague after reading this post? Or will their impression of his brand not being a Taiwan sell-out has become reinforced?

What I mean by attitude, is the value that a brand believes in, and it must be unwavering

There is a very important concept behind this idea: “A brand is in service of a specific group of people. Don’t expect everyone to buy your products.” 

Even though we all know this concept, but we have chosen for the brand to walk the middle path in the past. As long as we sell the products, don’t make a stance, and don’t choose a side. The way customers won’t be frightened away. Try to expand your market as much as possible: this strategy may avoid any land mines, but it can only ensure that your brand is one without “character”. In the digital age, it’s becoming harder and harder to follow the crowd and please everyone to make a living. The rise of social media plus demassification, and the dwindling effects of public media have forced brands to change their communication formats to more easily and better approach consumers. In addition to product feature introductions, there is even more communication on values and beliefs. The attempt to loosening one’s pride, and become more like a person, more approachable, so that the brand pleases consumers more. Or, try to think from another perspectives, rather than trying to please everybody, why not focus on a group of people with the same values. Try hard to please them, so that they will promote the brand for you.

There’s no problem with a brand acting like a bit of a gangster. The only problem is that no one wants to follow!

Don’t think that “attitudes” are only for small brands, they are equally applicable to big brands that need to maximize their market. For example, take a look at the world’s largest brand in a certain field. It does not exhaust all its efforts to collect all the business in said field, but it bangs on its drums and calls to the world saying”We don’t do this kind of business” and rejects a business deal!?

▲ TripAdvisor doesn’t want its travelers to build their happiness on the pain of whales and dolphins.

The world’s largest travel information platform TripAdvisor has recently issued a press release saying “TripAdvisor has stopped selling all tickets to Sea World, which captives and rears whales and dolphins”. The reason is because these dolphins cannot grow well under a captive environment. They are improperly bred, traded, trained for public entertainment, and treated inhumanely. They should be living freely in the wild. See, if you agree with this value, don’t you think TripAdvisor is super cool?

At the same time, some disagree. Those who do not agree, think that TripAdvisor is too pretentious, because Sea World complies with legally regulated management in its treatment of animals and it facilities. The water zoo not only “displays” the animals, but also serves other functions such as protection, education, and others.

Yet, TripAdvisor has no fear. They have rejected this business. Its purpose is to reduce inhumane rearing and treatment of animals, and to raise public awareness of the importance of the education on living beings. It had already stopped selling wild animal captive zoo tickets in 2016, and had a full ban on the sales of any show tickets involving endangered animals in 2018. This time, the company has expanded to sea whales and dolphins. TripAdvisor knows that there will be a group of people who disagrees, but on the other hand, it strengthens the company’s appeal to those who value animal equality and love animals. This is the TripAdvisor attitude!

Brand management doesn’t have to be all that hard. Sometimes, you like a brand and can’t explain why. It’s probably just because of the reason “that attitude, I dig it”, so you are willing to pay for what they are selling.

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