Battle Heaven and Earth! Lineage’s New Heavyweight Fearless Battlesoul Update Launches

After six years, a much-anticipated update appears. The classic Gamanian game which has dominated the Taiwanese market for 15 years, Lineage, launched its all new Fearless Battlesoul update on February 21st, officially introducing an 8th class: the warrior. With powerful damage output and the highest HP growth of all classes, the warrior class can wield two single-handed class weapons at once, making it the first Lineage class to dual wield axes. At the same time, a new solo dungeon is now available, Lair of Valakas. Players will battle one of three major bosses, which randomly appear: Ifrit, Phoenix, or Valakas. Final victors have the chance to gain Shining Sayha’s Ring. Approaching its 15th anniversary, Lineage invited comedian Nadou to act as the spokesperson for the new Fearless Battlesoul expansion. He demonstrated a funny interpretation of the new warrior class while recruiting players throughout Taiwan to donate blood for charity through the Blood Pledge Battle Recruitment event.

▲Today (21st) marks the launch of Lineage’s all new Fearless Battlesoul update and the 8th class that players have been waiting for: the Warrior

Fearless Battlesoul emerges! Celebrate the launch of the 8th class: the Warrior

The classic Gamanian game Lineage has officially launched its Fearless Battlesoul update introducing an 8th class, the warrior. The warrior comes from a race with physical capabilities, which exceed other races on the Aden continent. They pride themselves in being guardians of the goddess Eva. They are referred to as Eva’s sacred troops. During the crisis of Fafurion’s invasion of the Heine Kingdom, their active efforts successfully sealed Fafurion. However, as the king of Heine was worried these fierce warriors would threaten his power, he exiled them under the pretense that they were unable to destroy Farfurion. The warriors were scattered throughout the world, masking the history and battle skill of their race. However, their blood holds the memory of survival and their offspring still possess outstanding physical attributes. As time passes and crisis threatens Heine once more, the sacred troops of Eva have risen again as warriors.

▲The male warrior is brave and fierce, while the female warrior is sexy and ferocious. The character design is based upon the Heine blue theme, more detailed than ever

After much anticipation, Lineage has launched a heavyweight new class, the warrior. With powerful damage output and the highest HP growth of all classes, the class can equip two single-handed class weapons at the same time. This makes it the first class in Lineage to wield dual axes. Players can start out by investing 20 points into constitution for the warrior, to make it the highest HP class in the game. The warrior was designed with the intention of being an easy class to play for returning players as well as new players. Passive skills for the class were designed to make game mastery simpler for players. Warrior skills are divided into three main builds: fury, blood, and grit. In terms of AOE damage skills, the Toma Hawk attack of the fury build effectively eliminates groups of monsters once they are gathered up. The titan skill of the grit build activates when a warrior’s HP falls below 40%. The character’s HP bar begins to flicker as he or she experiences an increased chance of dodging melee damage while reflecting single weapon damage to the opponent. This skill is based on the concept of an eye for an eye. To celebrate the launch of the warrior class, Lineage is now giving away skills worth more than NT$10,000 such as counter barrier, soul of flame, and immune to harm free.

▲The Toma Hawk attack of the fury build effectively eliminates groups of monsters once they are gathered up

▲The titan skill of the grit build gives an increased chance of dodging melee damage when a warrior’s HP falls below 40% while reflecting single weapon damage to the opponent.

▲The Gigantic skill in the Fury build increases a character’s maximum HP with level gain

Battle three major bosses: Ifrit, Phoenix, or Valakas in the dangerous new solo dungeon, Lair of Valakas

A new solo dungeon is also included in this update, Lair of Valakas. LV60 players will be able to collect Ham’s bag from Ham at Werldern Town. Once the bag is opened, players will receive frozen breath, an item used to enter the dungeon. Players with this authorization will be able to teleport into the Lair of Valakas dungeon via Adenas at the entrance of Werldern Town. Three major bosses, Ifrit, Phoenix, and Valakas will be waiting for the most fearless players in the Lair of Valakas. Once players successfully kill either Ifrit, Phoenix, or Valakas, which randomly appears, they have a chance to receive Shining Sayha’s Ring.

▲Do you dare challenge the inferno-like new solo dungeon, Lair of Valakas?

▲Three major bosses are waiting in the Lair of Valakas, Ifrit (top), Phoenix (mid), and Valakas (bottom) for only the most fearless players

※Behind the scenes snippets from Lineage’s new Fearless Battlesoul update TV commercial: http://youtu.be/u1hASVFOagY
※[Lineage] Official website (monthly subscription servers): http://tw.beanfun.com/Lineage
※[Lineage] Official website (free-to-play servers): http://tw.new.beanfun.com/LineageFree

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