After a Year, Elsword Launches Newest Class: Lu/Ciel

To welcome summer vacation, Gamania’s most exciting action adventure online game, Elsword, has released a new class today (the 2nd), after a year.This is the first male/female dual character class. Players can switch between the two characters freely, without the limitation of cool down periods, or combine the two’s forces to embark on strong consecutive attacks. In order to provide the newest firsthand game content and close interaction with players, the Elsword Experience Meeting was hosted at Rimuan Café in Dazhi on June 27th. The 40 players there experienced the characteristics and charm of the new characters.At the same time Mr. Woo Won-sik, renowned Korean game developer KOG’s overseas team leader, to meet players face to face in Taiwan. To celebrate this first meeting between Lu/Ciel and players, players will receive one mission item, fruit of growth, for logging into Elsword for 10 minutes each day during the event period until July 16th. Players will receive double the reward on weekends. Players can redeem new character celebration boxes at the NPC by using fruits of growth and achieving the designated level.

▲Elsword launches the first dual character class today (the 2nd): Lu/Ciel

The Beginning of a Long Journey for the First Dual Character Class : Lu/Ciel

Lu was once a demon lord who became careless and was betrayed by her vassal. Her power was sealed and she was bound in chains, and could do nothing but watch as her authority, territory, and possessions were stripped away from her. As time passed, Lu began to lose her memories. Though she used all of her remaining power to undo the seal and escape to Elrios, the overconsumption of mana turned her appearance into that of a little girl. She made a contract with Ciel and began to track down demons invading Elrios so she could regain her status. Lu is a melee class which dons magic gloves to defeat opponents with her strong magic.

▲Lu is a melee character with a cute appearance but prideful, demanding demeanor

As a child, Ciel’s parents were killed by bandits, leaving him to live in the streets. With the will to  survive, this determination allowed Ciel to eventually earn his place as a famous assassin in the criminal underworld. After Lu had escaped from the Demon world, Ciel recues her and nurses her back to health and takes care of her. One night, demon assassins that were looking for Lu attacked. Being no match against the demons, Ciel is killed. Regaining her memories and noticing his desire to live in his dying breaths, Lu forges a contract with Ciel and he revives as a half-demon. As he is grateful Lu saved his live, he decides to become Lu’s bodyguard and travel with her until she completes her goals. Ciel is a ranged class which utilizes dual gun blades for quick slashes and shots.

▲To thank Lu for saving his life, Ciel decided to become her bodyguard to protect her

As Lu and Ciel is the first new duo character play-style class in Elsword, the duo play-style lends itself to greater bursts of attack power. While players start with Lu in both dungeons and battle mode, they can switch freely between the two with no cool down timer or combine both Lu and Ciel’s power for strong consecutive attacks. From now until July 16th, Lu or Ciel characters who meet mission conditions within the event period will receive the +10 Ruriel scroll of strengthening (level. 70) as a reward.

▲Soul infest deals AOE damage after spirits are released in the surroundings and exploding grenades are activated

▲Restrains targets ahead for the focused nether shredder attack

Happy Player Interactions at the Elsword Experience Meeting
Elsword is launching a new class after a year. In order for players to obtain game content firsthand and experience the newest update, the Elsword Experience Meeting was hosted at Rimuan Café in Dazhi on June 27th. Mr. Woo Won-sik, renowned Korean game developer KOG’s overseas team leader, visited Taiwanese players to share the newest information on the update, with the 40 players in attendance. The operations team also shared exclusive game tips for Lu and Ciel. Renowned live anchor Li Meng-jie was also present to conduct player interactions while the event was livestreamed on LIVEhouse.in. Nearly 10,000 players spent an enjoyable weekend afternoon together.

▲Mr. Woo Won-sik, renowned Korean game developer KOG’s overseas team leader, visited Taiwanese players to share the newest information on the update.

▲Renowned live anchor Li Meng-jie interacting with players

▲Not only did the event come to a successful conclusion, we spent a pleasant Saturday afternoon with attending players

▲Well-known cosplayer Mon cosplaying as all new Elsword class: Lu

▲In addition to exclusive Elsword souvenirs, players also received cute cupcakes at the event

※Launch of New Lu/Ciel Class at Elsword: https://youtu.be/3A1h3R24Cmo
※ Elsword official Facebook fan group: https://zh-cn.facebook.com/elswordfans
※ Elsword official website: http://tw.beanfun.com/ELSWORD/

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