Attack on Titan Invades Counter Strike Online! Exclusive Overseas Update Launched in Taiwan, Japan, and China Today!

Gamania’s first person shooter, Counter Strike Online is implementing crossover cooperation with a manga/anime for the first time ever. From now until February 24th, 2015, the exclusive limited time only overseas Counter Strike Online X Attack on Titan crossover level will be available. Players will play as a member of the Scout Regiment, equipped with 3D maneuver gear and armed with snap-blade to fight against swarms of titans and the main boss, the armored titan! The only way to defend the lines is to launch a full-on attack. Players must have the courage to give their hearts up in this battle-to-the-death against the titans!

▲From now until February 24th, 2015, Counter Strike Online is launching an exclusive limited time only overseas Counter Strike Online X Attack on Titan crossover level

On that Day, Humanity Remembered the Terror of Titan Domination Once More, and the Indignity of being Trapped Inside this Cage of Walls

In the world of the incredibly popular manga series, Attack on Titan, titans that consume people suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Enormous walls were constructed for a temporary peace. When Eren, the main character, turned 10, a giant 60-meter tall titan appeared out of nowhere, smashing the gate and invading. Eren watched as his own mother, family, and friends were swallowed by titans. This fueled his immeasurable hatred for titans. When they grew up, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin jointed the Scout Regiment to learn battle techniques and continue to face the challenge of titans bravely.

The limited time only Counter Strike Online X Attack on Titan crossover level incorporates the armored titan and titans from the manga into the game. Players will face large swarms of titans during attacks and the devastating force of the armored titan boss! Not only will the armored titan pound players approaching it from the front or sneaking in from the back with its giant fists, it is able to jump and is as nimble as a human of average size. It can also stomp out minuscule creatures on the ground just by lifting its foot. Players must carefully avoid being stomped on by the armored titan!

It’s difficult to succeed by fighting the enormous armored titan directly. Players can try to climb up the armored titan’s body to attack its weakness – the nape. Don’t think for a moment that the armored titan won’t notice though, as he will slap his own nape with his giant palms as defense to eliminate all living things within that forbidden zone.

▲The game has incorporated titans from the manga series. Players will face attacks from endless swarms of titans!

▲Players can attempt to climb onto the nape of the armored titan boss to attack, but the armored titan will defend its nape with slaps from its giant palms

They are the Hunted and We are the Hunters! Fierce Support from Special Gear: 3D Maneuver Gear and Snap-Blade

Counter Strike Online players will face an enemy more formidable than the boss of the zombie scenario mode. In order to help players overcome this daunting challenge, special equipment has be implemented within the game: 3D maneuver gear which allows aerial movement, and the snap-blade to combat the boss. 3D maneuver gear is equipped at the player’s waist and back, firing cables secured onto titans or buildings. The cable is then retracted with a gas mechanism, dragging the player along at a high speed so that players can battle titans with high mobility. Players will have a greatly expanded attack angle as they leap down from the air to attack titans! Once the gas in the gas can runs out, the player will no longer be able to fight. Players must pay attention to gas levels throughout combat.

The best weapon for combat against titans is the snap-blade, made from ultra-hardened steel. This gives the snap-blade its strength and resilience, making it capable of severing the flesh of titans. It is the only weapon which effectively damages the armored titan right now. If you want to play the role of a character from Attack on Titan in other Counter Strike Online modes, don’t miss out on the awesome, unique snap-blade weapon! Become a member of the Scout Regiment and give your heart in the battle against titans!

※ Please visit the Counter Strike Online official website for event details: http://tw.beanfun.com/cso/

▲The snap-blade is strength and resilient, capable of severing titan flesh. This is the only weapon which deals effective damage to the armored titan right now

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