“Summons Board” Chinese Edition and “Princess Punt Sweets” Forms First Overseas Partnership for Playing Character

“Summons Board” Chinese Edition, the first mobile game to be managed by GungHo Gamania, a joint venture between Gamania and Japan’s leading mobile game company GungHo, will launch a limited-time event stage from today (4) through to May 18. This will be the first time that it will partner with “Princess Punt Sweets” on the three platforms of Android, iOS and Playphone for an overseas promotion.  The game background and music will not only be based on the style of “Princess Punt Sweets”. Players can also complete the stage missions to receive the popular character “Princess Punt” whose active skill “Princess Kick” can cause 45% damage and knockback to the next chess piece. To celebrate the first overseas-co-branding promotion of “Summons Board” Chinese Edition, six all new characters will also be available for a limited time: “Assassin”, “Swordsman”, “Warrior”, “Wizard”, “Mechanic” and “Reaper”. Players will be able to enjoy the fun of leading a formidable army.

▲“Summons Board”, the first mobile game to be managed by GungHo Gamania, will launch a co-branded limited-time stage in partnership with “Princess Punt Sweets” from today (4) through to May 18. 

“Kicking” New Fun into “Chess” Power! “Summons Board” Chinese Editions and “Princess Punt Sweets” Forms First International Collaboration
Limited-time stage released – “Princess Punt” is here!

“Summons Board” Chinese Edition, the first mobile game to be managed by GungHo Gamania, will partner with “Princess Punt Sweets” to launch a limited-time stage on the three platforms of Android, iOS and Playphone from now (4) through to May 18. Apart from music inspired by “Princess Punt Sweets”, the level background will also be based on the home castle of the main character “Princess Punt”. The classical stone paving in “Summons Board” will also be transformed into a pretty garden lawn. There will be four levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme. The appearance of the Boss will also change depending on difficulty. Beat the level for the chance to receive the Boss pet “Spirit Hawk.” If carefully looked after, it may evolve into its “Phantom Hawk” ultimate form

▲The popular heroine of “Princess Punt” comes to “Summons Board” Chinese Edition

▲Upon gaining her true name “Anne Punt Quettebuss”, her captain skill “Willful Princess Inspiration” increases attack by 230%.

▲Once the BOSS pet “Spirit Hawk” transforms into the “Phantom Hawk”, watch out for its Boss area attack “Feather of Fire”.

▲“Phantom Hawk” can use its captain skill “Spirit Bird Rebirth” to boost critical damage by 350%. It also gains the ability to fly.

Special ability-boosting pets such as “White Pig”, “Yellow Ghost”, “Krieg” and “Papa Acorn” join the fight 
Six new characters “Assassin”, “Swordsman”, “Warrior”, “Wizard”, “Mechanic” and “Reaper” show their colors 

There is chance to find precious pets like the “White Pig”, “Yellow Ghost”, “Krieg” and “Papa Acorn” upgrade improve pet active skills while challenging the “Princess Punt Sweets” limited-time stage. Evolved pets can also be converted into skill upgrade pets for the “Spirit Companion” series from rare capsules. To celebrate the first collaboration of “Summons Board” Chinese Edition and the first collaboration with “Princess Punt Sweets”, six all new characters “Assassin”, “Swordsman”, “Warrior”, “Wizard”, “Mechanic” and “Reaper” are available for a limited time as well. All can attack the enemy. The “Swordsman”, “Warrior” and “Mechanic” all have active skills that trigger after moving. The six all-new characters can evolve into 5-star pets as well and possess advanced captain skills. “Phantom Assassin” and “Gate Reaper” can greatly boost critical damage and will play an important role in future battles.

▲“White Pig”, “Yellow Ghost”, “Krieg” and “Papa Acorn” (left to right) are precious pets that can be used for upgrades from the “Summons Board” limited-time stage.

▲Six all-new characters “Assassin”, “Swordsman”, “Warrior” (upper left to upper right), “Wizard”, “Mechanic” and “Reaper” (lower left to lower right) launched together

※“Summons Board” Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/SummonsBoard.TW
※“Summons Board” website: http://www.gungho-gamania.com/SB/

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