SLOTS cross-platform version officially launched!

Tap for good luck! Win the JackPot!

Joymobee announced on the 23rd that SLOTS, a casino game developed by famous Korean game company BIGMAN Entertainment Inc, is officially launched on cross-platforms. Download SLOTS and register with your FB account to win 50 thousand gold coins!  All SLOTS players can get rich with one tap!


▲ Register during the event to get 8,888 gold coins for free.

Bring it on! Everyone can hit the jackpot!

On top of the classic 777 machine, SLOTS introduces different slot machines for gamers in Taiwan and Hong Kong. You can play the game anywhere, anytime. If you are busy, change the setting and have the machine spin automatically. Don’t let your chances run away.

Three JackPot prizes can be won in the game: “match prize”, ” super match prize” and “ultimate match prize.”

If JackPot symbols show up three times in a roll, gamers can win 50 times of the inserted amount as “matching prize.”

Four JackPot symbols are needed for winning “super match prize.” The prize is 100 times of the inserted amount.

The winning prize is defined by the stake. The higher the stake, the higher the prize. In JackPot, gamers can win “ultimate match prize” by matching JackPot  symbols. JackPot prize is limitless for it is based on all gamer’s accumulated stakes. The more players there are, the higher the prize. Billions can be won by one single tap!

▲ Test your luck with one tap.  

▲ Unlimited JackPot

21 and Baccarat will make you the god of gamblers.

Play 21 and Baccarat at the casino table with gamblers from different regions. Be the god of gamblers while sitting at home!

▲Challenge the classic 21 and Baccarat games. Be the legend at the casino table!

Get filthy rich by playing these simple games!

Small poker games can be played in SLOTS, which take only a few seconds. The prize can be easily doubled in the next round. Prize increase in a geometric ratio. Anyone can get filthy rich by playing these simple games!

SLOTS will be available for IOS users. Make sure to follow

▲ Double your investment with many games!  

▲Android version:   

▲iOS version:

iOS version: https://goo.gl/Y1PAVA
Android version: https://goo.gl/AiKfO6
Official website: https://goo.gl/j1luV0
Official fanpage:http://goo.gl/uxXsdX

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