Lineage, More Than Just a Game! Instant Hit “Lineage M” Breaks Multiple Records after Server Goes Live!

The highly anticipated, cross-generation NO. 1 mobile game “Lineage M” officially launched the servers on December 11. The game, created by the Korean gaming giant NCSOFT and distributed by Gamania, performed exceptionally in number of logins and broke several industry records with historical success. In order to provide Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao gamers the ultimate experience, Gamania has been preparing for years, while NCSOFT also deployed a hundred-member team to Taiwan for support. The “Lineage M” IP attracted cross-industry partnership with significant brands in transportation, telecommunications, foods, lifestyle, and ticket sales, bringing “Lineage M” into daily lives of gamers.

Gamania CEO Albert Liu said “‘Lineage M’ is definitely the star product of Gamania and even in Taiwan’s mobile gaming history. We have installed software and hardware of the highest specifications, and created the ultimate ‘Lineage M’ gaming environment. The game has broken records in total number of logins, and simultaneous online gamers, and the preliminary data indicate the game’s massive popularity. These are extremely encouraging news to the operations team and the whole company!”

NCSOFT CEO Kim Tack Jin visited Taiwan for the official launch and remarked “Many gamers look forward to seeing the success from partnership between NCSOFT and Gamania. 17 years ago, Gamania obtained outstanding achievements with the online game ‘Lineage’ in Taiwan and changed Taiwan’s gaming industry. Today, NCSOFT is more mature in its development and technology, while Gamania offers a wider range of online services. We hope ‘Lineage M’ will be a success in Taiwan’s mobile gaming industry as well. We are proud of this joint effort. Let’s create history together again!”

Every day between 18:00 – 22:00, until 09:59 AM on September 22, gamers will be able to use the item “Retrocassette vol.1” to receive limited edition vehicles such as “Golden Saber HT+”, “Black Knight9”, and “Sonic9”, etc. The “Retrocassette vol.1” can be obtained through the “September Super Deal” and from missions such as “Memorable Attendance Mission” and “Cumulative Log-in toward First Love”, etc. Gamers will also receive the brand new character “Hsu Tu-ta” upon completion of the “Cumulative Log-in toward First Love”.

NO. 1 “Lineage M” Goes Live and Break Records in Taiwan Mobile Gaming History

17 years ago, Gamania launched the online game “Lineage” . The stable gaming experience resulted from Taiwan’s first self-owned server room became an Internet café phenomenon and paved the way for an innovative operation model. It helped propel “Lineage” to become the most popular online game in Taiwan and created the earliest social network in Taiwan. This year, after the successful pre-registration period of “Lineage M” with over 2.5 million registered members in over a month, the game instantly became a mega-success and gave an outstanding performance again since it’s server launch at 12AM today. The continuous growth in pre-downloads, the instant number of logins at server launch, the accumulated number of queued gamers in the first 3 hours, and the simultaneous number of people online, is proof of the record-breaking historical success of “Lineage M” in Taiwan, showing its dominating presence in mobile games.

It’s More Than a Game: “Lineage M” IP Brings Cross-Industry Economic Success “Lineage M” has swept the island since its official launch because of its heritage as a shared memory for Taiwan gamers. Albert Liu believes that “‘Lineage M’ is more than just an influential product on the market, it’s also a superstar IP. In addition to the anticipated success in the gaming market, Gamania and multiple brands have formed a cross-industry strategic partnership to expand ‘Lineage M’ into the lives of the gamers.”

Many significant brands have announced their partnership on the press conference due to the potential massive benefits of “Lineage M”. The first event was Bii’s concert last weekend, which is followed by many more activities. Chunghwa Telecom customers to participate in the “Lineage M” co-brand event and use the Google Play phone bill payment service will have a chance to win exclusive in-game items, peripheral products, and 7-11 coupons. Taiwan Taxi deployed a hundred “Lineage M” themed taxis. Thermos released limited “Lineage M” thermoses. Taiwan Kagome created limited editions with “Lineage M” classic red potion and orange potion packagings that all contain in-game items. iPASS released a 5 different styles of “Lineage M” souvenir cards. These brands jointly develop the “Lineage M” brand economic value and offer gamers a variety of experiences.

In order to provide comprehensive services to our millions of members, our subsidiary company has begun many collaborative events since November. GASH released a limited edition “Game on mobile game” treasure pack which is nearly sold out. Coture debuted Taiwan’s first interactive gaming movie “Game Not Over” on December 18. WeBackers released a free electronic game guide of “Lineage M”. Jollywiz’s shopping site 15fun.com created a dedicated “Lineage M” section for gaming-related products. Gamapay partnered with various channels to launch a series of “Lineage M” promotional sales in which gamers get in-game items after a certain amount of purchase.

Meanwhile, “Lineage M” announced 3 celebrity endorsers on the press conference – Taiwan baseball legend Chen Chin-Feng, world-class badminton athlete Tai Tzu-Ying, and international designer Aaron Nieh. Chen and Nieh attended the press conference to promote the game in person, and celebrate the Taiwan legend.

▲ Chen Chin-Feng and Aaron Nieh promoting “Lineage M” at the press conference

▲ The performance of “Lineage M” over 12 hours after server launch (calculation period: 0:00 – 12:00 on December 11)

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