2017~2018 Thank you, let’s look forward! Welcoming Gamania’s “Wave of Creation”!

Looking back at 2017 for Gamania, whether it’s strategic planning or brand development, the word of the year could very well be “Creation”! (At least that is the keyword in the opinion of this humble G!VOICE editor).

In the term “Wave of Creation” (“創勢代” in Chinese) includes “Chuang” – “創”, the word for new energy, the momentum to propel the Group into the new year, and “Shi” – “勢”, the wave we ride to the top. “G!VOICE” hereby joins Gamania to review the year 2017, and welcome the new Wave of Creation!

The Best of G!VOICE in 2017

From a statistics point of view, in 2017, the majority of our readers are based in Taiwan. Over 70% (72.57%) of our readers are from Taiwan, while 10% are from Japan (10.54%), and the remaining 20% include readers from South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and USA. Nearly half of the readers chose the web version (49.42%), while 17.81% chose the Android version, and 21.77% chose the iOS version.

As 2018 approaches, “G!VOICE” presents a series of the best articles of G!VOICE in 2017 as our gift to readers in celebration of the New Year. The selected articles are divided into 3 categories: “Gamania Cheer Up Foundation intern reports, Gamania Group strategies, and “Lineage M”-related”.

Gamania Cheer Up Foundation intern reports Which one of the Harry Potter characters would you want to be? A profile of the characters in the book that is relatable to readers and a huge attraction for them. You and me, a valuable internship experience. A personal recount of the internship experience which is a 5-star reference for future employees!

Gamania had announced its 2017 business strategy at the spring press conference in February and garnered huge interest from Gamania staff and outsiders. Both A Look at Gamania Group: Our Internet Flagship is Ready to Set Sail! and Gamania Cross-Domain Strategy, the Comprehensive Ecosystem Network Enterprise were listed.

It came as not a surprise that articles on “Lineage M” were selected. This key product for Gamania in 2017 is a killer success and a hot topic since its release in the end of the year. Return to 2000, Remember the Years We Played Lineage Together! Prior to the release of “Lineage M”, G!VOICE interviewed the CEO of Gamania Taiwan to find out why it means to say “Lineage gamers are not just playing the game, they’re expressing their humanity”? The fabulous piece is worth reading for existing, potential and leaving gamers of “Lineage M”!

2017 Editor’s Choice:
Which one of the Harry Potter characters would you want to be? CSR
You and me, a valuable internship experience CSR
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Gamania Cross-Domain Strategy, the Comprehensive Ecosystem Network Enterprise Feature
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Return to 2000, Remember the Years We Played Lineage Together! Feature
What’s the difference between UI and UX? Let’s look and see Column
A look back at what you missed or neglected: What were the “Creations” for Gamania in 2017?

The highlights of 2017 are mainly focused on the idea of “creation”. In case you might have missed or neglected them, or simply didn’t participate, G!VOICE is here to recount the “Creations” for Gamania in 2017!

“Creations” Activities

While Family Day is nothing new, Gamanians will all know that this year’s Gama Cheer Cup tried a new format and added a creative items market. The diverse vendor booths are filled with crowds and are the hot new attraction of the Gama Cheer Cup event!

▲ 2017 Gama Cheer Cup, Gamania Family Day’s first ever market!

“Creations” Space

“GamaGarden”, Gamania’s affiliated kindergarten, has the spatial design to inspire creative development in children. The color saturation in the overall environment is toned down, and the space is filled with simple color elements, to reinforce the diverse components and openness of the space. The teaching material includes numerous daily life education, games, and sports, in the hopes to create a comprehensive learning environment for children. GamaGarden has won the 2017 Golden Pin Design Award (Spatial Design Category)!

▲ GamaGarden has won the 2017 Golden Pin Design Mark | Spatial Design Category

“Creations” Style

In 2017, Gamania has received the accreditation for Top 100 Sports Company’s for another consecutive year. The new Gamanian sports T-shirt is originally designed by an award-winning new designer with experiences in international fashion show and worked with the Red Dot Design Award /iF Product Design Award-receiving designer. The designer emphasizes details on the cut, fabric and craftsmanship created in the final product that helps Gamanians express our “GAMA Style”!

▲ The new sports T-shirt that expresses the “GAMA Style”!

Gamania Touch Down! Creations and Achievements

Do you still remember Gamania’s annual theme for 2017 “Action, Efficiency, Results”? The design concept of “Touch Down” is a reference to scoring a point in American football. Touch also means multi-touch mobile devices, along with the symbol of lightning that deliver a sense of efficiency and advance in achieving success.

As the Group continues to “Create”, we review our achievements in reference to the year theme of “Touch Down”.

“Create Record-Breaking Events”:

One thing that Gamania is good at, is to continue breaking records in various fields. The Gamania game “Lineage M” is the flagship product of the year which broke mobile game records even before its official release. The number of login members and maximum number of online players  have both surpassed the game industry’s record.

The records of “Lineage M” over 12 hours after launching the server (Calculated period: 0:00 a.m.- 12:00a.m., December 11)

Number of downloads before launching the server   639,643 people
Number of online players when launching the server  184,577 people
Number of members to log in for the first 3 hours  666,045 people
Maximum number of online players  157,548 people
Number of in-game characters created807,006
  Royal: 41,289
 Knights: 231,795
   Elves: 416.638
Wizards: 117,284
Accumulated experience points3,730,148,649,395 (3.7 trillion) experience points
Number of monsters defeated173,287,735 (170 million)

▲Gamania Chairperson, NCSOFT CEO T.J. Kim, and two Taiwan heroes share the stage in support of “Lineage M”

Furthermore, the “Retro Game Time” and Asia’s first game streaming crowd funding “We Gamers Love” by WeBackers also received excellent results. “Retro Game Time”, which raised over 7 million dollars, attained a record high amount of funding for Taiwanese games and publications, and also sets the world record for crowdfunding in game publication.

Hundreds of streamers, more than 40 companies, streaming for 3 days, 32 hours over 30 games online for “We Gamers Love”! The accumulated amount of donation reached NT$ 1.14 million by mid-October. It even reached No. 1 on the global Chinese channel of Twitch !

“Create Format”:

Coture, Gamania Group’s streaming platoform, released the first “interactive gaming” drama “Game Not Over” in Taiwan is in December. True to its interactive gaming design, the film is filled with gaming elements (such as Heine High School in reference to Heine in Lineage M), it connects to gamers and creates intense drama.

“Create Connection”:

Gamania likes new challenges, and pursues different possibilities by continuous trials and forming partnerships with various fields. You can always expect something new! In 2017, Gama Cheer Up Foundation + Pet Halfway House & Cafe + WeBackers initiates the “Pet Halfway House & Café” store expansion funding project. The project raised over NT$1.7 million required for the online store in just 3 days with over 1,000 online sponsors. The partnership between difference organizations attracted more popularity than estimated.

Another great example of connection is how “Lineage M” led a new wave for the Group to provide comprehensive services to our millions of members. Our subsidiary companies have begun many collaborative events since November. GASH released a limited edition “Game on Mobile Game” treasure pack which is nearly sold out. Coture released Taiwan’s first interactive gaming drama “Game Not Over” on December 18. WeBackers released a free electronic walkthrough of “Lineage M Talk”. 15Fun.com, Jollywiz’s shopping site created a dedicated “Lineage M” section for gaming-related products. Gama Pay partnered with various channels to launch a series of “Lineage M” in-game treasure promotional sales.

Gamania Group started 2017 with new strategies to connect the resources and individual attractions of different business entities to maximize the effect. The efforts made “Lineage M” more than a game, but a part of our players’ daily lives.

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