Horrifying Abandoned Site in “Ghost High School”, Edison Song Charms Ruby Chan, Chunibyo Wu Chien-Ho – Internet Reacts: Is “Ghost High School” a Comedy?

Coture’s popular original drama “Ghost High School” is running now, and has exceeded 1.5 million views while ratings climb at exponential speeds. Edison Song hides his good looks and image in the series; he raps, farts, gets diarrhea, rolls his eyes, and completely destroys the persona of “Days We Stared at the Sun II”. The Internet is in disbelief with the transformation and concluded “That is totally Chunibyo”. Wu Chien-Ho also commented on this second collaboration with Song “I didn’t know Edison and I could act like that!” Episode 3 will broadcast at 23:00, and the viewers are looking forward to the next jaw-dropping breakthrough performance.

Viewers praise the chunibyo performance by Wu and Song, and are delightfully surprised that “‘Ghost High School’ is a comedy?” , “LOL!!” Fans even share memes of “chunibyo performance” stills from the show. The show is a brand new entertainment combo of thriller and comedy!

▲ Coture’s original drama “Ghost High School” star Wu Chien-Ho plays an ugly character for the first time. The Internet fans chuckle at his hilarious portrayal of an eight-grader .

The Ghost Month had just ended, but the “Ghost High School” has just begun Laipi and the gang’s second journey to the abandoned site. They accidentally saw ghosts “that should not be seen” in episode 1 and were charged at a ghost in white like the demon the Exorcist movie. The viewers felt like they were right there with Laipi, and many were so scared they couldn’t move! The horrifying thriller is full of mysteries that attracts the viewers to wonder what is the secrets behind the four lead characters?

The actors remember the abandoned site well, like it was yesterday. The site is located near Sanzhi, and the actors and crew agreed that it is “the scariest set ever”. Ruby Chan already had experiences shooting horror movies with “The Tag-Along 2”, but she was still terrified when filming the scenes at the abandoned site. Crystal Yen even prayed for her before the shooting. Chan was particularly nervous during the scene in the long abandoned corridor. It took Edison Song to wait at the end of corridor like a gentleman to help her finish shooting the scene. Chan chuckled, even though Edison Song played a silly character in the series, he was super charming at the time! So how scary is the scene that even had Ruby Chan scared? Episode 3 will reveal all.

▲ Even Ruby Chan was scared by Coture’s original drama “Ghost High School”

The “most beautiful ghost” Yang Ya-Zhu appeared in Crystal Yen’s dream for a few seconds in “Ghost High School” and created a huge buzz online. Fans have already begun to try and piece together the puzzles of the story between the two. After the menacing white ghost charged towards the chunibyo gang of four in episode 2, how will they ever return to safety? The Ghost Month might have ended, but the thrill isn’t over yet. “Ghost High School” is broadcast 23:00 every Thursday and Friday on Coture and LineTV. Get ready to scream at your phone!

▲ A still of Coture’s original drama “Ghost High School”

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