“PopKart” introduces brand new model “Golden Paragon 9” ahead of Korea

Gamania recreational racing game “PopKart” will be introducing the brand new racing model – “Golden Paragon 9”, to the gamers of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao from September 1 to 15. “Golden Paragon 9” is released in Taiwan, ahead of Korea. This collector’s item is designed based on the popular Taiwanese children’s game “hoop rolling”, and decorated with golden metal, showcasing a unique local Taiwanese style. The game introduces new characters “Qianqian” and “Tuta” with the 90s classic student fashion. Their story of young love is a reminder of those youthful years in school and adds a fresh storyline to the game. Furthermore, “PopKart”, “Bubble Fighter” and “Crazy Arcade” will jointly host the first ever “Kunbao Cup” Triple Match Competition. Registration is open until 8AM on September 15. The champion will win $40,000 and an exclusive honorary gold medal.

▲ “PopKart”, “Bubble Fighter” and “Crazy Arcade” will jointly host the first ever “Kunbao Cup” Triple Match Competition

▲ “PopKart” introduces the special localized design model “Golden Paragon 9” for the event

▲ “PopKart”introduces new characters based on retro student fashions “Qianqian” and “Tuta”.

“PopKart” introduces brand new model “Golden Paragon 9” ahead of Korea
New characters “Qianqian”, “Tuta” brings back 90s classic fashion

The event will introduce the stylish “Golden Paragon 9” from September 1 to 15. The race model is a double-ring design based on the classic Taiwanese children’s game “hoop rolling”, showcasing a unique local Taiwanese style. Two brand new characters “Qianqian” and “Tuta” will also debut in the event. They are styled in a retro student appearance, and if a team wins with “Qianqian”, all the team members will gain an additional 50% experience points. In celebration of the debut of the brand new vehicle “Golden Paragon 9”, a “September Super Deal” is released. The special package includes the race model “Golden Paragon 9”, prop vehicle “Silver Paragon 9”, and the brand new character “Qianqian”, etc.

Every day between 18:00 – 22:00, until 09:59 AM on September 22, gamers can use the prop “Retro cassette vol.1” to receive limited edition vehicles such as “Golden HT+”, “Black Knight9”, and “Sonic9”, etc. The “Retrocassette vol.1” can be obtained through the “September Super Deal” and from missions such as “Memorable Attendance Mission” and “First Love Online Mission”, etc. Gamers will also receive the brand new character “Tuta” upon completion of the “First Love Online Mission”.

▲ “September Super Deal” is available in stores for “PopKart” gamers until 09:59AM on September 15.

The 2017 grand event, 1st ever “Kunbao Cup” Triple Match Competition is open for registration Join our celebrity streamers, and to win your prize over $10000

“PopKart”, “Bubble Fighter” and “Crazy Arcade” will jointly host the first “Kunbao Cup” Triple Match Competition. The unprecedented team competition will be open for registration until 8AM on September 15. Each team consists of 4 to 8 members, and must designate levels and modes of play from each game respectively. On October 7, the day of the final, there will also be an exhibition match attended by professional “PopKart” gamers “Neal (xhibaoger)” and “naduluffy”, and sweetheart streamer “peiyi1024”. In addition to the $40,000 and $20,000 prize awards and the exclusive gold and silver medals for the champion and the runner up respectively, the competition will also give participants prizes such as “Top 50 Race Car Gear x 1 + KOIN x 100”, and “Event Magic Pin x 5”, etc., to offer all the gamers maximum fun at the first ever “Kunbao Cup” Triple Match Competition. For more information on “Kunbao Cup”, please visit the official competition website.

▲2017 “Kunbao Cup” Triple Match Competition will award the top 3 winners honorary “Exclusive Medals”

※ “PopKart” official website: http://tw.beanfun.com/KartRider
※ “PopKart” Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kartriderTW
※ 2017 “Kunbao Cup” official website: https://tw.beanfun.com/kartrider/event/E20170825/index.html  

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