The 2.5 metre-tall Death Knight leads the 4 Main Hero Classes south to celebrate Chinese New Year, Attracting more than a thousand of players to join in for a share of the New Year Gift Pack.

Developed by the leading Korean game developer, NCSOFT, the mobile game “Lineage M” holds great promises. Gamania is counting down to a series of New Year Events for “Lineage M” (Chinese version), including: New Year-limited Shape Shifting Cards “Fighter (Male)”, “Fighter (Female)”, “Lion Dance”, the “New Year’s Word Collection Event” and the “New Year’s Gift Pack for Special Gears”. All New Year Events will end before maintenance on 27th February. Players must grasp the chance to get Red Gears and Red Shape Shifting Cards. “Lineage M”‘s New Year events at Tainan and Kaohsiung last Saturday (24th February) were a great success. Apart from the debut appearance of the 2.5 metre-tall Death Knight featured at the Taipei Game Show, the iconic 4 main classes of heroes: Prince, Elf, Magician, Knight also came to pay players a visit at South Taiwan. “Lineage M” Gift Packs were given out during the events, attracting a total of 1730 players.

▲ “Lineage M”‘s New Year Events at South Taiwan features the 2.5 metre-tall Death Knight and the 4 Main Classes of Hero, giving out Gift Packs at Tainan and Kaohsiung

To thank the support of players, “Lineage M” launched a series of New Year limited Events during Chinese New Year Festival: monsters at the all-time hunting quest “Land of Abandonment” are replaced by the “Nian Monsters of the New Year”, players would be awarded with New Year Items such as Dumplings, Glutinous Rice Cakes, Rice Cakes and Radish Cakes with every successful hunt; players can even get “New Year Red Packets” by completing “Trial Quests”, “World Boss Quests” and “Land of Abandonment”, and create “New Year Chests” by collecting and merging the “New Year Words” into “New Year Congratulatory Phrases”, thereby unlocking limited Special Gears and Items! During Chinese New Year, players can also gain Class-specific Rewards by strengthening “Lion Dance Series of Gears”. The above-listed New Year Events will end before maintenance on 27th February. Players yet to unlock the Special Gears must be sure to grasp the last chance to do so!

▲ “Lineage M” (Chinese)’s New Year Events will end before maintenance on 27th February. Players yet to unlock the New Year limited Shape Shifting Cards must be sure to grasp the last chance to do so.

Apart from the series of in-game events, “Lineage M” hosted the “Lineage M New Year Rewards Event” at Tainan and Kaohsiung on 24th February. The two events attracted a total of 1730 players, featuring the four Main Classes: Prince, Elf, Magician and Knight, as played by four handsome and beautiful models. The Heroes not only invited players to participate in games like “Lineage M Finger Guessing Game” and “Lineage M Quiz” during the events, they also gave out limited bugbear figures and “Lineage M” Gift Packs. The Heroes even toured from Tainan South Park to Vieshow Cinema in the afternoon, and from Kaohsiung Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza to Rei Feng Night Market at night, to walk into the lives of local residents and spread New Year blessings. Many players even chose to accompany the Heroes on their tours. Nonetheless, the most eye-catching part of the event would be the debut reveal of the 2.5 metre-tall Death Knight at South Taiwan, acting as a main attraction players long to take a photo with. “Lineage M”‘s New Year Events are in their final coundowns now, visit “Lineage M”‘s website to learn more about the exciting events and news of the game.

▲ Hundreds of players were already queuing up to attend the Tainan South Park event 3 hours before its official launch, some players even travelled all the way from Chiayi and Nantou to attend the day’s event

▲ Beautiful models dressed up as “Lineage M”‘s Class Heroes to spread New Year blessings at Rei Feng Night Market, and are warmly received by locals

▲ The 2.5 metre-tall Death Knight made its first appearance at South Tainan, attracting many players to come to take a photo with the towering figure

▲ “Lineage M”‘s New Year Events at South Taiwan attracted the participation of a total of 1730 players

※ “Lineage M”‘s Facebook Fan-Page: https://www.facebook.com/Gamania.Lineage.M/
※ “Lineage M”‘s Official Website: http://tw.beanfun.com/LineageM/

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