First Major Revision of “Lineage Remastered”! Lifetime Free Membership Synchronized with Korea!

The first major revision of “Lineage Remastered” (hereinafter referred to as Lineage R), developed by Korean gaming mogul  NCSOFT and distributed by Gamania, debuts on December 19, 2019! “Dragon Dungeon Updates”: a brand new format, will be presented. The four great dragons will demonstrate their new strengths across the Aden World map, which will be open for access at regular hours. “New Professional Skills Evolution”: the nine main professional skills will be updated with stronger fighting power. “Maximum Skill Levels and Elixirs System Updates”: the character skill points will be increased to 55 points, and the elixir limit is increased to 16 cans. There will be celebratory activities for the three new updates, the seven major version revisions plus a new additional “Werldern Server”, which will be in operation starting from December 20. Gamers will be receiving plenty of rewards, experiencing maximum enjoyment in the brand new battles! Furthermore, the strongest Boss in history “Dark Dragon” will be debuting in January 2020. The game will also be officially transitioning to a free game, synchronizing with the Korean payment system. All the players will permanently be welcome to log onto the new world of “Lineage R” for free in the future!

▲ First major “Lineage R” version revision debuts on December 19! Get ready for the impending arrival of the strongest boss in history – “Dark Dragon”!

Warriors unite! Defeat the great dragon! Dragon Dungeon updates, four dragons sweep the Aden World!

“Lineage R” debuts its first major version revision on December 19. This “Dragon Dungeon Updates” will present in a brand new format, in which the four great dragons will demonstrate their new strengths across the Aden World map. “Antharas” the Land Dragon is located at the “Antharas Lair” in the “Dragon Valley Dungeon”, and the entrance is randomly located at the 7th floor of the “Dragon Valley Dungeon”. The sign for the appearance of Giran Village is the earthquake effect. “Fafurion” the Water Dragon is located at “Fafurion’s Lair” in the “Kingdom of Eva Dungeon”, and the entrance is ramdomly located at the 3rd floor of the “Kingdom of Eva Dungeon”. The sign for the appearance of Heine Village is the bubbling effect. “Lindvior”, the Wind Dragon, is located at the “Lindvior’s Lair” at the “Wind Dragon Cave”, and the entrance is randomly located at “Wind Dragon Cave”. The sign for the appearance of Aden Village is the tornado effect. “Valakas” the Fire Dragon is located at the “Valakas’ Lair” at the “Fire Dragon Cave”, and the entrance is at randomly located at the”Fire Dragon Cave”. The sign for the appearance of Werldern Village is the shooting star effect.

Access to the four dragons are open at 8PM and closed at 9PM every Saturday. No extra tools are required and there is no restriction on the number of players. Every week, each server will release one Dragon Boss at random for players to jointly conquer. After one effective attack on a Boss and all the players have successfully completed the dungeon, players will receive corresponding rewards: the Antharas reward, the Fafurion reward, the Lindvior reward, the Valakas reward. At the same time, there is an opportunity to receive the “Elixir”, the “Shining Sayha’s Amulet”, the “armor” that corresponding to the Dragon characteristics, “dragon scales”, “Heart of Antharas”, “Heart of Fafurion”, “Heart of Lindvior”, “Heart of Valakas”, and many other virtual treasures. Furthermore, the strongest Boss in history, the one that we’ve all been waiting for over twenty years – “Dark Dragon” will finally officially debut in January 2020. Please stay tuned!

▲ “Lineage R” Dragon Dungeon updates with four dragons to sweep off Aden World!

▲ “Lineage R” will officially become a free game in January 2020 when it synchronizes with the Korean payment mechanism

Welcome the changes of the new era! New Professional Skills Evolution, Maximum Skill Levels and Elixirs System Updates!

Since “Lineage R” was released online in August, each of the nine main professional skills have accrued a number of die-hard fans. This revision will include a “New Professional Skills Evolution”, bringing players even stronger skills and effects to turn around the whole gaming strategy. The first wave of professions to evolve are: the Knight, the Dragon Knight, and the Elf. The Knight will gain the new skill “Blustering Power” increased with the character’s level and improved skill’s accuracy. The Dragon Knight will gain the new skill “Slaughterer: Courageous” which could possibly trigger the coma effect. The Elf’s new skill is the “Maphr” which will provide immunity against some magic skills within 8 seconds, but HP will still be consumed under regular attacks. This will give players the chance to change PVP wins and losses, and turn around an adverse situation. We will continue to provide updates on the other six professional skills, so that players can continue the battles using their most beloved characters!

Also, the “Maximum Skill Levels and Elixirs System Updates” increases the character skills score to a maximum of 55 points. There will also be subsequent multiplying effects for six competence scores: STR, DEX, INT, WIS, and CON. The maximum number of elixir cans also increased to 16, and players with a level from 50 to 95 can use 1 can for an upgrade of every 3 character levels. It will significantly help players with their battle processes!

▲ “Lineage R” New professional skills evolution, and maximum skill levels and Elixir system updates

Major revision celebration with seven gift rewards activities! Endless reward opportunities in and outside the game!

The first major version revision to “Lineage R” gives back to players with seven major reward activities! The activities include gifts of weapons and equipment, equipment revival coupons, POINTs and other virtual treasures. Among the rewards activities, players will definitely not want to miss the “Pre-activities”. One will receive the “Lentis/Sniper+1” strength coupon, the growth coupon, “Dragon Diamond (engraving)” * 300 after the version rivision, if he/she already has an account on the international service before 23:59 December 18. Players can be rewarded galore gifts both inside and outside the game! Numerous more events are to come and will be announced in the future. For more details about the events, please follow the official website announcements.

▲ “Lineage R” presents seven major events to give back to its players! Including weapons and equipment, equipment revival coupons, POINTs and other virtual treasures

※ About the “Lineage Remastered” version revision: https://tw.hicdn.beanfun.com/beanfun/promo/lineagenew/EP20191219_inf/index.html
※ “Lineage Remastered” revision celebration event: 

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