Pre-registration and Role Making for the Popular Korean Novel and IP Mobile Game “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” Open Sep 17!

The IP mobile game “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” from the popular Korean novel, jointly operated by Taiwan’s Gamania and Korean gaming mogul Kakao Games officially announce the simultaneous launch of both the “Pre-registration” and “Role Making” today (September 17). Upon completion of registration, you will receive an exclusive reward “Moonlight Wing Hat”. Upon completion of Role Making, you will receive the Taiwan-exclusive role partner “Formosan Black Bear” and numerous in-game items. In addition to the rewards giveaway in the game, the officials raise the prize by launching the “Lucky Draw” event, which will draw prize winners daily on beanfun! Players will have the chance to win incredible prizes such as the soon-to-be released iPhone12 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip! The officials have made an early announcement for the “Dual Platform File Removal Elite Testing” event during September 24 to September 26. Only 10,000 players on the iOS version and an unlimited number on the Android version are available. Let’s get ready for entering the Versailles Continent in “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor”, experience the unique “sculptor” profession and embark on a romantic adventure across the vast map of the open world!

“The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” is adapted from the popular light novel series of the same name which has been running in Korea for 13 years with 5 million readers. The game is a complete restoration of the “Versailles Continent” in the world of novel and inherits the worldview of the storyline. It further restores the hidden “sculptor” profession of the male protagonist to allow players to feel the game experience as if they were actually inside the world of novel! The unique profession of the “sculptor” is a high output role that encompasses both explosive attack and evasion skills. The game follows the novel’s design by requiring the player to complete a mission with “no profession” after Lv.25 for transition into the legendary hidden profession! You can enjoy all kinds of high-speed monster battles and freely create sculpted designs to increase Buff, and experience a different profession gameplay! Furthermore, the officials have revealed 5 main features of the game for the first time to help players better understand the unique charms of “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor”!

Open World Map for Free Exploration

The game is split into four main regions and includes cities, towns and forests such as “Serabourg (賽拉堡)”, “Pa-Lan Canyon (巴蘭峽谷)”, and “Pa-Lo-Ke Mountain (巴洛克山脈)”, allowing players to immerse in the broad vision of the open world. There is even a chance to trigger hidden storylines and missions to enjoy the adventurous fun.

Create Sculpted Designs and Win Battle BUFF

All the professions are allowed to create “sculptures” to win all kinds of Buffs. There are as many as 61 types of “sculptures”, including 21 types of Buff effects, among which is Theodarren – the most representative, who created Rosenheim Kingdom, the kingdom that is a symbol of peace and has the most beginning adventurers

Personal House with Customized Decorations

Each role has its own “personal house”. Players can have leisurely fun by decorating and designing their own house in the game. In addition, rest in bed inside the house can receive extra experience Buff effects.

Fishing Everywhere, Personalized Cuisine

In addition to the main storyline and battles in the instances, you can go finishing everywhere across the vast map in the game. Players can collect ingredients and create various types of cuisine to solve the hunger status of their roles. The role that eats the cuisine will get the full status and gain 10% in attacks. Players can gain Buff such as power, agility, intelligence, strength, charisma, and spirit, according to the different types of cuisine for them to freely experience the details of daily life fun in the game.

Diversified Instances, Various Combats

The core combat play in the game applies PVP combat mode and the three instance challenges are the “Daily Underground City (每日地下城)”, “Chaos Door (混沌之門)”, and “Surprise Attack (突擊)”. Players can earn the highest honor of becoming the captain of the knights order by winning the “Royal Auditions (皇家選拔賽)” challenge battle and also participate in random adventures of “Roguelike Underground Cities (Roguelike地下城)”.

Upon Completion of the “Pre-registration” of “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” that started on September 17, you will receive exclusive rewards 1x “Moonlight Wing Hat”, 100x the in-game currency “Red Butterfly”, 3x “Weapon Reinforcement Scroll”, 100x “Top HP Recovery Potion”, 100x “Top MP Recovery Potion”, 100x “Skills Book”, and 200,000 gold coins. The diverse in-game items and powerful support materials will help players rapidly level-up right from the beginning and combat monsters with ease.
Upon completion of the “Role Making” open during September 17 to October 18, you will receive the Taiwan-exclusive role partner 1x “Formosan Black Bear (3 days)”, 1x “Blessed Weapon Reinforcement Scroll”, 1x “Blessed Defensive Reinforcement Scroll”, and 2x “Reinforced Protective Stone”. Use your beanfun! account to make a role can receive an extra 200x in-game currency “Red Butterfly”.

There will be an extra beanfun!-exclusive “Lucky Draw” event for “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” during September 17 to October 21. You can enter a draw on beanfun! every day and bind a reward for receipt in the end. The draw includes incredible prizes such as the soon-to-be released iPhone12 and Samsun Galaxy Z Flip, “EXP Potion”, “Increased Tool Receiving Possibility Potion”, “Increased Coins Potion”, “Hsiao Huang Partner Contract (小黃夥伴契約)”, “Orange Tabby Partner Contract (橘虎斑貓夥伴契約)”, and other in-game items. Such incredible rewards are given sincerely!
The officials have made an early announcement for the “Dual Platform File Removal Elite Testing” event that will run daily from 14:00 to 22:00 during September 24 to September 26. Only 10,000 players on the iOS version and an unlimited number on the Android version are available. Players who fill out a questionnaire after the test will receive various in-game item rewards. For more information, please continue to follow the relevant announcements for “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor”.

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