The first South Pole Expedition Exhibition of Taiwan Won Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2020

“Go! Go! South Pole Exhibition” received an international award! After Gamania “Antarctica Expedition Exhibition” organized by Gamania Group last year won the “2019 Iconic Awards”, this year, “Go! Go! South Pole Exhibition” held by Gamania Cheer Up Foundation and InFormat Design Curating won the highest single distinction, “Best of the Best of Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2020.” It outperformed nearly 7,000 outstanding creative projects around the world and earned the award which is only received by 0.8% of all entries.

Ahbin Chen, CEO of Gamania Cheer Up Foundation, stated, “Best of the Best of Red Dot Award is a significant win for us in terms of design. More importantly, the exhibition has a positive impact on society in Taiwan and is highly recognized by the jury. We will continue to resonate with next generations by creatively presenting the spirit of adventure with different forms and platforms in the future.”

Won Red Dot: Best of the Best for Brand Values Expressed Through the Exhibition Concept

For more than 60 years, Red Dot Award is one of the largest and most prestigious international competitions for design. It is considered one of the four major global design awards along with “iF DESIGN AWARD”, “International Design Excellence Awards” and “Good Design Award”. There is fierce competition among 6,992 projects submitted from 50 countries around the world this year. “Go! Go! South Pole Exhibition” features the first expedition team from Taiwan to reach the South Pole by cross-country skiing. Visitors engage “body senses” and are led to experience the harshness of the Antarctic environment through spatial and display layouts facilitating the smooth movement of visitors. It delivers an impressive experience of adventurous self-exploration. 24 international jurors were won over by the core concept of the exhibition and gave Best of the Best of Red Dot Award to the exhibition this year.

Yao-Pang Wang (Mr. Grid), CEO of InFormat Design Curating co-organizing the exhibition, said, “We would like to thank international jurors for giving high recognition to Gamania Cheer Up Foundation and InFormat Design Curating. There were storms, auroras, crevasses and ice hummocks along the way. We walked on snow in silence and coped with uncertainty. An inner horizon was created throughout this adventure. Thank you!”

▲“Go! Go! South Pole Exhibition” won Best of the Best of Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2020.

Gamania Cheer Up Foundation
Gamania Group is where people pursue their dreams. It is established to realize dreams of the founder, Albert Liu, Gamanians and many people in society. Gamania Group started to reflect on itself and would like to centrally manage resources and fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility in an organized manner after operating for over a decade and receiving a wide range of external support and assistance. As a result, Gamania Group officially launched “Gamania Cheer Up Foundation” on January 4, 2008.

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