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Twenty-five is an age people consider a crucial watershed in life, and Gamania has been here for that same amount of time, a quarter of a century. Since its inception, Gamania has been through many trials and tribulations and tackled one challenge after another to gain valuable lessons to stabilize in the industry. This time, G!Voice takes you on a journey to know the milestones of Gamania and its courage to innovate, and how it guides the industry trend. A journey also reflects the era and transformation of the internet industry development in Taiwan.

1995~1999 Early development for the single-player game; The early stage of Gamania  

The predecessor of Gamania, FullSoft Co., Ltd., was established in 1995. It is worth mentioning that FullSoft took over the production of the TV show “Game Club” and started to expand its business to the electronic media and entertainment industry. The hostess, Tien Hsin, is still an iconic goddess to men now because of her Cosplay costume. In 1999, a year when the internet and digitization started to develop, Gamania launched “Convenient Store” to combat game piracy by adopting a low pricing strategy —1.2 million copies were sold in Asia. In the same year, “FullSoft Co., Ltd.” changed its name to “Gamania”.

2000~2005 Lineage emerged and revolutionized the online game industry

The millennium 2000 was quite a meaningful year to Gamania. With the rapid development of the internet in Taiwan, Gamania launched “Lineage” and created a country-wide sensation on the online game. It also opened a new chapter for the Gamania online game era, sustained Gamania as the industry leader, created industry initiatives and even established the industry standard for server hosting and operation. Moreover, it drove the development of internet cafes and the prevalence of internet infrastructure. Gamania is never afraid to defy legacy norms. It is always Gamania taking the lead in the industry to respond to the market and players’ needs by creating new structures—charging a monthly fee for “Lineage” players, developing the first online payment tool-“GASH,” and launching “item mall.”

2006~2010 Gamania started a foundation and set foot in the eSports industry

In 2008, Gamania became the industry’s first to establish a foundation— “Gamania Cheer Up Foundation.” To call for more youngsters being brave to go after their dreams and challenge their limitations, the foundation organized an event to go to the end of the world—the North Pole—to challenge the extreme environment. In the same year, Gamania collaborated with partners to found Taiwan eSports League(TeSL) and formed its professional team “Gama Bears.” Gamania invested lots of resources to promote eSports in Taiwan. Among all the teams in Gama Bears, the most famous one is “Crazyracing KartRider”—people call it “The running empire on which the sun never sets.”

2011~2015 Gamania forces gathered, navigating to become an eco-internet enterprise 

In light of the industry trend toward mobilization after 2010, Gamania gathers its serves to launch transformation without fearing challenges. Aside from the gaming business, Gamania expanded its scope into payment technology, e-commerce, media, and digital commerce; and several subsidiaries were created. It was a crucial period for Gamania to grow into an “eco-internet enterprise.”

2016~2020 Gamania Group kept innovating and took the lead in the industry paradigm shift

In 2016, Gamania moved away from the building located on Zhongzheng Rd., Zhonghe Dist., where the company has occupied for the longest time so far and moved into the new headquarters in Neihu. This relocation symbolized a brand new chapter for the company. In the 4th quarter of the same year, the mobile payment brand “GAMA PAY” was launched and positively impacted corporate growth. In 2017, Gamania released a masterpiece of the mobile game “Lineage M,” and broke several market records. After exploring the North Pole, Gamania Cheer Up Foundation formed the “Antarctica Expedition” in 2018, and the team had successfully arrived at the South Pole at 6 pm on December 22, Chile time. In 2019, the first localized lifestyle mobile portal “beanfun!” was launched. It combines games, GASH points, media, payments, and e-commerce. It has enlarged the digital entertainment market for the group.

2021~ Keep leveling up, Create new chapters

Having gone through numerous challenges for the past two decades, Gamania always develops from every trial and moves forward along the way to become more and more stable and reliable. However, born to be interesting in its gene has never changed. When facing difficult barriers and challenges, it can break through barriers with unconventional ways.

In the future, Gamania will remain bearing its core philosophy-Dare to Challenge- in mind to introduce new services to open your life and horizons, hoping to lead the trend in network lives. As the first 25-year period came to an end, the next one has started. Gamania is determined to keep innovating and creating even bigger orange waves for the next 25 years.

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