Unleash the Gamanian Spirit! Looking Back on the Annual Slogans for the past 10 years

Starting from 2011, Gamania began the tradition of annual slogan and badge design. The derivation of this tradition was a hope to unite colleagues, share common goals, and create consensus. These succinct annual slogans represent Gamania’s drive and intention for the particular year and bring the hearts of Gamanians together.

Time flies, 10 years has passed since the initiation of annual slogan design. As we are about to move forward to the 11th year, it is a good time for us to review annual slogans and visual designs over the years and look back on the past decade together.

Annual Slogans Review

2011: Have a good GAME! Marching On!

The founder of Gamania (formerly known as FullSoft Co., Ltd.), Albert, and his friends established the company with love and passion for games. A decade has passed, the number of employees increased from less than 10 to nearly 1000, countless game lovers joined the big family and became Gamanians. During 2011, the company was at a turning point of globalization, building mobile platform and making effective communication mechanisms. The slogan reinforced the importance of “have a good Game!” and encouraged Gamanians to keep “Marching On!” with the fundamental mindset of having fun.

2013: Group · Global View · Go!

Having gone through the merger and acquisition storm in 2012, the top priority of Gamania was to elevate employee morale and bring everyone together once again in 2013. The annual slogan “Group · Global View · Go!” was created to remind the three major goals of the company. “Group” means that Gamania will move forward as one, with all employees teaming up and showing the power of collaboration to find its feet in the global market; to gain a foothold in the global competition, Gamanians need to acquire “Global View” and plan for the future with the world as their blueprint; last but not least, thinking is not enough. It is crucial to turn our thoughts into action, just “Go!” and keep pushing forward.

2014: renew GAMANIA

2014 was a big moment for Gamania to transform itself into an eco-internet enterprise and diversify its services. Bedsides the fundamental gaming business, the company had its eye on digital contents (Coture New Media), e-commerce (jollywiz) and crowdfunding (WeBakers). The business scope expanded from gaming to daily life application, which kept the creative momentum of Gamanian brand and challenged the public impression that Gamania can only make games. The spirit of “renew GAMANIA“ successfully laid the groundwork for future enterprise development.

2015: Dare to Challenge

Gamania was heading for its 20th year, the company would like to reinforce the core value once again, “Dare to Challenge.” The emphasis evolved from “Love to Play” to “Dare to Challenge,” showing that Gamanians are more than having fun, we never back off when encounter challenges. Facing the everchanging environment, the company launched the “flying with geese” project to flourish diversified business through internal innovation, intrapreneurship, and holding strategies. On the 20th anniversary, Gamania further announced the goal to expand service areas from entertainment to a full range of digital businesses. The spirit of “Dare to Challenge” was needed more than ever with the ambitious goal.

2016: Full Steam Ahead. Gamania 2.0

The headquarter of Gamania used to locate on Zhongzheng Road in Zhonghe district, with subsidiaries and departments scattered on different floors. The original office could not keep up with the company development as Gamania grew and expanded rapidly. Thus, the headquarter was moved to Neihu in 2016 with new environment, more opened space, and unrestrained fields, which also changed the working style of Gamanians accordingly. From an inside view, the new headquarter symbolizes the

merging energy and effective integration of strengths from different subsidiaries; from an outside view, the company can fortify its industrial impact after moving to a tech cluster like Neihu Technology Park. With the grand opening of new headquarter in 2016, Gamanians were moving forward to embrace Gamania 2.0 together.

2017: TOUCH DOWN! Efficiency· Action· Results

2017 was a meaningful year for Gamania. When smartphone became the life’s essential, as an eco-internet enterprise, Gamania selected gaming, e-commerce, and mobile payment as three major strategic directions with a hope to bring the Gamanian attitude to everyone’s hands by leveraging the impact of digital content and media businesses. “TOUCH DOWN! Efficiency· Action· Results” reminded Gamanians the annual goal, hoping the company can achieve excellence in the battlefield of mobile devices.

2018: LEVEL UP! Lighting up the future of Gamania

In Games, LEVEL UP! means players acquire greater power and incentives. In Gamania, LEVEL UP! stands for the highest expectation every Gamanian hold for themselves. In 2017, the company revenue hit record high through Lineage M mobile game, which then became the most iconic mobile game in the market. With this exciting success, the company boosted the momentum for each subsidiary and directed the players to other services provided by Gamania. The annual slogan symbolized the hope that every Gamanian will keep pushing forward, LEVEL UP! and light up the future of Gamania.

2018: Antarctica Expedition – Special Mission of Gamania Cheer Up Foundation’s 10th anniversary

In addition, 2018 is a big moment that Gamania Cheer Up Foundation moved on to its 10th anniversary. In such an important year, the foundation officially announced the “Antarctica Expedition” project. Having gone through 10 years of planning, 2 years of training, Albert, the CEO of Gamania Group, led the expedition team to the land of cold ice: South Pole. To commemorate such a precious moment and inspire all Gamanians to venture for dreams and think big, a badge is deliberately designed for employees to encourage themselves all the time.

2019: WE C.A.R.E.

Over the years, Gamania has been highlighting the concept of “exploring the infinite possibilities of fun.” However, as the company developed into an eco-internet enterprise with a goal to tap into multiple facets of players’ lives, the core philosophy has transformed into “exploring the infinite possibilities of life.” In 2019, the annual slogan “WE C.A.R.E.” represented the whole new version of brand spirit: Creativity, Advance, Relationship and Environment. Gamania will keep being innovative, striving for superiority and maintaining the leading role in the market. Besides that, the company values the relationship between people, environment, and the society, hoping Gamania will live with the environment, explore infinite possibilities of life for the greater good.

2020: 戰自己Dare to Challenge

2020 is the year that Gamania celebrated its 25th anniversary. We can proudly look back on past success stories, but at the same time, the company hope to review the business motto in 20th anniversary, “Dare to Challenge,” and encourage Gamanians to keep challenging themselves. The wave of digitalization hit its peak in 2020, online games not only changed the gaming industry, but also all aspects of people’s life, such as mobile payment, which brought huge transformation to the whole industry. In big moment like this, Gamania reinforced that “you are your biggest competition.” The only way to keep striving for excellence is to challenge and surpass yourself constantly.

2020: Gamania 25 – Be a Pioneer to Ride the Digital Wave

In order to deepen the concept of digital wave in Gamanian’s mind and remind everyone to catch and ride the digital wave at all times, besides the “Dare to Challenge” badge, the company also design another badge of “Digital Wave” and give it to employees.

2021: Fierce. START UP!

For Gamania, the number that come after 25 is not 26. Instead, it is 0. With transformation still being a focal point of Gamania’s development, the company hopes to sustain the intrapreneur mindset and make the company stay young forever. Facing the market, we need to let go of past histories and fears. Thus, Gamania used “Fierce. START UP!” as the annual slogan and encouraged employees to fight together. beanfun! was also readjusted as key development item. With all the energy united throughout the company, Gamania was ready to reset and break more records.

Slogans Over the Years

Besides being a short motto, philosophy and goal, annual slogan will be designed like a key visual. Visualized slogan is not only more eye-catching, but also leaves vivid impression on Gamanians’ mind. The company will turn the graphic theme into badges and give them to employees for collection.

From the design, we can see Gamania’s classic orange was incorporated into most of the annual slogan design. This deepens the brand image in Gamanians’ mind and symbolizes the company to follow through the company spirit.

In 2021, the fluorescent green of beanfun! was introduced to the annual slogan design, representing an important business of the company. The concept of “magic beans” was also included in the design, hoping the company will keep growing sprouts and become stronger.

The approach of slogan design has always been clean and powerful. Low-profile font together with strong images, the designs send clear messages of each year’s core goal. For example, in 2016, “Full steam ahead. Gamania 2.0” was visualized by using upward pointing arrows, reminding the company to keep elevating itself and seeking new landscape; in 2020, although the slogan, “戰自己 Dare to Challenge,” was adopted from 2015, the Chinese version was included to fortify the concept. Furthermore, the Chinese characters in the design were from the handwriting of Gamania CEO, Albert.

10 years have passed since the first annual slogan was released, which one impresses you the most?

Annual slogan design is now heading for its 11th year. In 2022, the annual theme is “All for One.” We hope to unite all businesses, services, and employees together, and keep creating more successes in the future with common goals.

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