Unzipping your brain: Make it Fun!

“Thinking!” This paradoxically simple yet deep concept effects the smallest establishment of a humble shop, to the great history of human civilization. However. . . How do you define the act of thinking? Should it be as heavy as Rodin’s Le Penseur, or as light as an innocent child, wrinkling brows?
In fact, the only rule you need to have in a brainstorming session is that, there are no rules! The process of inspirational thinking should be the act of “emptying your brain” and connecting everything that pours out of your mind at the moment. Just freely associate whatever you think out, however you do it, including: . . Your dignity. 

Lose your face, and then you’ll lose whatever’s left to restrain you! Any idea that is present is immune to criticism, no matter how absurd or out-there it may seem. A better way is to think about how this idea was formed, and try to polish it with your logic, sense of aesthetics, and provoke further ideas from this root. 

At this stage, the team’s priority is to generate as many ideas as possible without coming up with a filtering framework. Some advertisement agencies proposed the activity of flipping through books or associating random phrases when ideas run out. This allows a mind to truly think outside of the box, and encourages one to come up with the impossible. 

Above all, show your ideas to the world! Besides using a whiteboard, or some blank paper, colorful post-its is a best option. Shower your wall with ideas (quite theatrically, in fact) or sprinkle your floor with them joined by notes on A4 sheets. Never forget! Don’t leave anything out, because the process of thinking is a means to tackle the problem. The answer never comes down to one, single solution, therefore, never discard any thoughts lightly, especially . . . an outrageous idea that will blow others away!


TIP! Every problem can be turned into a project!   

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