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Little Tip: Good health can be achieved by exercising just 15 minutes every day

Recommended Books: The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises

Gamanians, in addition to working hard at work, have you remembered to take care of your own health as well? All Gamanians know about the gym on the second floor of Gamania Headquarters, but only a few people ever go and take advantage of it. To encourage Gamanians to exercise more, in October of last year Gamania hired Jason (林笈申) to come to Gamania and work as the dedicated exercise trainer for Gamanians and help train those that are interested in working out in the gym, teaching them the right exercise methods.   

After Chinese New Year, the gym will have two fixed classes per week from 12pm to 2pm and from 5pm to 7pm, with a professional teacher teaching “cardiovascular exercises” and “street dancing,” respectively. These two types of classes reflect the two most popular types of exercises Gamanians chose through a company-wide survey. Jason says that he will design even more exercise classes in the future, allowing Gamanians to have a class to go to whenever they walk into the gym.   

To “urge” people to consistently come to class, the gym’s exercise classes will require a “promissory deposit” of one thousand dollars. For Gamanians whose attendance rate exceeds 80%, this deposit will be refunded, or they can choose to participate in another class that they are interested in. On the other hand, for those who slack off, this deposit will be confiscated as punishment, and if they want to participate in another class, they will have to put down another one thousand dollars as deposit. This mechanism has been put in place to encourage Gamanians to actually come and exercise instead of just performing the “gesture” of registering for class.   

Jason is thinking of another plan for encouraging everybody to exercise: a points-collection mission program to stimulate people’s interest and willingness to exercise. If all Gamanians can establish the habit of exercising and make it a part of their daily lifestyles, then we can all become healthier and happier.     

The Charm of 15 Minutes  

Jason says that a mere 15 minutes of exercise each day can make people feel happy. This figure was not invented by Jason, but is the result of experiments conducted by experts in the United States.   

What can you do in 15 minutes? You can achieve the effects of warming up in 15 minutes. The easiest exercise method is to walk from your desk to Gama Island without using the elevator. Stop making excuses, just 15 minutes can make you remain in a good mood for the entire day. In the 23 hours and 45 minutes after your 15 minute workout, you can still burn fat, and therefore will not become a “little belly lady”  or become a “tuna stomach.”   

Exercising can also cure many of Gamanian’s ailments, such as neck and back pain and scoliosis, and can help eliminate stress. All of these problems can be solved by exercising. Gamanians don’t need to spend fortunes on chiropractors or medications, by just going to the gym or through self-planned exercising, you can make all of these issues go away.  

▲The gym on the second floor of Gamania Headquarters has added quite a few new exercise machines.   

Many of the gym’s equipment, including the treadmill and glider, have cardiovascular benefits. The body-training machine can help relax your body’s muscles. The pulley-based multi-functional training machine can help strengthen the durability of your muscles. This is a very expensive machine, with many diverse uses. Jason says that guys can use this machine to effectively strengthen their muscles, while girls can use it to tighten their muscles and achieve the effect of fat burning. The fitness trainer also tells us that this machine will definitely not make women produce six-packs. 

  ▲Above are pictures of the body training machine, the glider, and the spinner (from left to right). Each machine has its own method of usage. 

▲Above is a picture of the pulley-based multi-functional training machine.

It can achieve all the effects of all the other equipment in the gym combined, and is an important professional-level piece of training equipment. 

▲Jason has prepared equipment tutorial videos for Gamanians to take advantage of on a self-serve basis.   

If you really don’t want to visit the gym, Jason recommends taking the stairs every day. When you get to the office, don’t sit down right away. Take a cloth and wipe your desk clean – from left to right, and from top to bottom. This will help stretch out your muscles and exercise your legs. Although this won’t result in any exercise effects, at least it will allow your body to move a little bit. All living things need to move. By contracting your muscles, you also promote and strengthen your metabolism.    15 minutes of exercise also allows you to have a change in mood, and results in more flexible and more positive thinking. This will all have a positive effect on your mood and point you in a more positive mental direction at work.     

Vitality and Happiness Come From Exercising  

Exercising has many benefits. Jason also offers a few things precautions: He says not to do overly rigorous exercises in the morning. Exercising early in the morning when your body has not yet fully woken up will prevent your body from reaping the full beneficial effects of exercising. The only form of exercise that is suitable for performing in the morning is walking – walking is a gentle form of exercise and can help your body wake up. 

You must warm up before you exercise and cool down after. Neglecting any one of these two actions will result in your body getting injured and prevent you from achieving the beneficial effects of exercise.   

People who exercise exhibit significant differences from those who don’t exercise in terms of mood and thoughts. People who exercise are optimistic, willing to share things with others, and confident. Their thoughts are also much more positive. People who don’t exercise are more pessimistic, irritable, tend to keep feelings and thoughts locked inside themselves, and are fearful in dealing with all kinds of situations. The difference between the two is like the two sides of a balance scale.      

Book of Secrets for the Stay-at-Home Person  

People who don’t like to go to the gym can read the book “The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises” to engage in self-practice. The reason Jason recommends this book is because its moves are simple and the tools required are convenient and light. Using only a few small pieces of equipment, anyone can achieve professional training results right from home. 

▲“The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises” can also be used by women. This is a workout book that Jason recommends to all Gamanians.   

Strengthening your metabolism is the first step towards a healthy body, eliminating aging cells can allow your body to maintain its vigor, and taking advantage of just a few minutes each day can help your body get rid of some “old problems.” If you can take advantage of the gym, you will have even more energy to contribute the Gamania in the future!   

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