Boost the Energy! Gamania Loves Outdoors Sports!

For general companies, when engaging in critical policies, there will usually be a group of people sitting quietly at the meeting room, discussing and ruminating until a decision is being made. But for dynamic Gamania, that is never the case. “Move about, don’t sit it out” philosophy was adopted by all heads of units and supervisors. We want the strategic meeting to “pop”! Resolution can be triggered and inspired by outdoor activities, which is a necessary means to acquire for all to face future challenges with no fear. 

Strategic Meeting Turned into Sports Races

Remember couple of years ago, G!Voice’s feature report on Summer Strategic Meeting 2009? Back then, Gamania was getting ready to activate “Project 3”, therefore in addition to the regular meeting, Gamania had asked Outward Bound Taiwan to design a 4 challenge races. 

So what are the 4 challenge races? It includes tests on courage and team building: “high-low rope challenge” and “50m building rappel”; on stamina and team work: “7km run” and “raft binding and river crossing”. Although many senior Gamanians had some doubts and concerns, albeit they’re out of puff after each race, the department heads agreed unanimously that these races taught them the importance of team work and inspired everyone’s determination for “Project 3”. In fact, now that we look back on the 4 challenge races that took place during summer strategic meeting, it gave these leaders much boost on the spirit and momentum.  

▲The 4 challenge races during the 2009 strategic meeting were: 7km run, high-low rope challenge, 50m building rappel, raft binding and river crossing. 

Foundation Volunteer Training: High on the Mountain, Down to the Sea

Not only strategic meeting joined the legion of sports troop, Gamania’s very own foundation also planned the outdoor sports as the required course for the annual Summer School activity. Volunteers of Summer School must bring our their vigor and stamina to take on challenges such as climbing Snow Mountain and creek tracing, in addition to other self-exploratory courses. Gamania is trying to encourage volunteers to temper their wills and learn the importance of team work and ultimately boost everyone’s strength. 

▲Volunteers of the foundation may gain invaluable experience and grow through participating in significant outdoor activities like mountain climbing or river tracing. 

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