Gama-esque Renaissance I: Food Culture and Gamanian Awards

A twelve years’ accumulation of strength leads a long way.

In Chinese, twelve years is called a cycle, or Gi Nien in ancient texts.

In the ancient <<Chinese text Discourses of the States, Book 4 – Discourses of Jin, it reads “Twelve years’ accumulation of strength leads a long way”. G!Voice>> is seeing its twelfth birthday in 2018, and over the past 12 years, <<G!Voice>> has built a strong momentum and brought about a Gama-esque Renaissance. In the collective cultural memory, no one is an outsider at Gamania. And in this special issue “Gama-esque Renaissance” we are going to revisit this process. As our belief goes, “Only through reviewing the past, could we create future generations”, let us review our past, gain new momentum and embrace the next twelve years.

Gama-esque Renaissance

The Renaissance (a term originated from the Italian word Rinascimento, meaning reborn or revival) refers to the ideological and cultural movement spanning between the 14th and 17th centuries, which played a huge part in driving future cultural developments. This people-oriented revolutionary ideological storm hugely influenced people’s thinking and approach to life – uncannily its concepts match so well with Gamania’s.

Gamania’s spirits have been “reborn” in various cultural forms, and they are “embodied” in G!Voice. In regular corporations, they run staff canteens, family days and give out awards. What are Gamania’s approaches then? “Gama-esque Renaissance” will show you that, spanning from aesthetics, festivities, clothing, and every other aspects, Gamania has its own distinct language. Get to know the 12 keywords and speak good “Gamanian”with ease!  

1. GAMA Island:
If a Gamanian is not in the office, he/she must be on the way to GAMA Island!  

If there is a most popular destination in the Gamania building, it must be the GAMA Island. But where did GAMA Island, our staff canteen, derive its name from? Actually, it was conceived in 2002 during our company trip to the Phuket Island. During the trip, Gamanians were mesmerized by the island’s clear blue seas, bright sunny skies and the relaxing ambience.

Our CEO Albert then had a thought, “How great it must be if our workplace had somewhere like the Phuket Island for Gamanians to enjoy”. After the company trip, Gamania began plannig the “GAMA Island”. Initially it only served as a simple coffee bar, and it was not until 2006 when Gamania showed a turn from loss to profit that Albert put in more than a million dollars to reinvent and expand GAMA Island. This time, besides incorporating Gamania’s culture, GAMA Island even had more functionality.  Albert once said in 2009 that GAMA Island should be regarded as a very important “cultural asset” to Gamania; because not only could this space promote Gamania’s culture and image to the public, it could also facilitate the staff’s interactions and communication, thus generating great innovative ideas. 

▲In 2002, GAMA Island as a simple staff lounge

▲In 2007, GAMA Island was expanded and given more funcitonality

▲In 2011, the 1.5 Generation Gama Island

▲In 2016, GAMA Island is more comfortable than ever

When Gamania’s headquarters was moved to Neihu in 2016, GAMA Island had a huge upgrade. It became brighter, more spacious and comfortable, catching the curious eyes of people from other companies in the technology park. The new GAMA Island incorporates the concept of eco-space, serving as a venue for relaxing, dinning, meeting, holding exhibitions and even forums or press conference. So to say that GAMA Island is what best demonstrates Gamania’s cultural strength is not an exaggeration at all! 

GAMA Iced Tea:
 The enticing Gama Special

Honestly, I have never met a single person who has had GAMA Iced Tea and said it wasn’t to their liking. The drink is a special at GAMA Island. It has a unique recipe and special texture that could only be found at Gamania!

There is actually a story behind the drink. One time, Gamania’s brand director Ahbin was on a flight when he saw a flight attendant bringing a passenger the airline’s signature drink. He then recalled that nearly all airlines have their own signature drink, through which they convey their own characteristics and make an impression on the passenger. So he thought to himself: shouldn’t Gamania also have its signature drink? A drink filled with Gamania’s culture and characteristics could better introduce the brand to people.

As for the recipe, it uses the color orange, Gamania’s representative color, as the drink’s base color, and it takes both health and taste into account. Orange soda represents fun and joy, the passion fruit juice and jam add to the flavor, and the green tea brings freshness. Also, considering that women might not want to gain that extra pound, there’s also the perilla and the chewy agar jelly to help relieve that angst. The ingredients are mixed following the exclusive recipe, bringing forward that multi-layered texture.  

▲GAMA Island has been evolving, while the GAMA Iced tea retains original flavors

Impressive Awards for Star of the Year!

Among the awards given to our staff, GAMA STAR is one that has a long history and is given annually to those who excel at their job. Furthermore, its trophy is the first to adopt the figure of GAMA Buddy! Every year before the year-end party, HR would ask each unit to select their own nominees for the award. Then when the year-end party comes, the winners will be announced by the CEO himself. The award is very hard to earn and is a great honor for a Gamanian.

With a height of 9.4 cm and a head and waist width of 5.9 cm and 1.6 cm respectively, the GAMA STAR statuette fits perfectly in hand. Besides the statuette, the winners of the award will also receive a special metal card case, an exclusive ID card, and a Gamania name plate with the CEO’s signature on it, quite impressive prizes for the winners to remember the award by.

▲ The GAMA STAR statuette shines a brilliant golden color

3. The Senior Staff Award:
Level up! The “treasure box” exlusive to senior Gamanians

The “Senior Staff Award” is set up to commend senior staff members who have worked at Gamania for 5, 10, 15, 20 years and more until they retired. The award reflects how the staff and Gamania grow together and honor each other and it recognizes the staff members’ excellent performance.

As “fun” is in the spirits of Gamania, this award sees the five-year mark as a milestone symbolizing the process of “passing challenges” and “leveling up” in gaming. The trophy is a GAMA Buddy statuette, and with every five years passing, the corresponding statuette will also see an upgrade in its materials and garments. The prizes for the Senior Staff Award include an official “certificate of merit”, a precious “statuette” for display, and they are presented together in a “treasure box”.

4. GAMA Monthly Award:
Shine with Glory, your hard work will pay off!

Compared to GAMA STAR, the “GAMA Monthly Award” is a more timely award system and does not have a limit to the number of winners. Through this new award system, managers can be more active in commending and acknowledging their team members’ hard work. The award also encourages our employees to dare to attempts at break-throughs in their daily work, through which they will get a stronger sense of achievement. Nominations are held monthly followed by an award ceremony. This ensures that hard-working staff members are acknowledged and commended timely!

The recipient will receive an exclusive metal name badge inside a box and coupons from GAMA Island. The colors of the badge vary every year; this makes it more fun to collect them! According to HR, the recorder holder owns 9 badges! 

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