Want to be trendy? Then don’t forget to carry an iPhone.

When it comes to the word “trendy”, we have to mention iPhone, the game changer in mobile phones. Besides the smooth hardware and first-rate man-machine interface that make iPhone distinctive, the featured applications are what make iPhone great.

It has been more than 3 years since the iPhone App Store came into the market. It featured the function of “touch + sense” that has never been seen before and introduced many innovative Apps at the very start. What’s more, the originality of the developers makes one gasp in admiration. They always have a masterpiece coming out that makes them all the more commendable. When you thought that your mobile applications are quite advanced already you discover that they have created something unexpected to wow you again.


 “Songify” is an application that will make Jeremy Liu all washedup as a singer.

The first time I learned of this App was when Demo, a friend of mine, showed it to me. He said: “I can change whatever you say into a fair-sounding song.” I was not quite convinced and called him a “Dumbo” without thinking. Then he touched the App lightly and a wonderful song came out. Even my crackly voice became a piece of trendy electronic music. I am not at all exaggerating.

If you know who the developer of this miraculous App is, you can imagine the power of the software. The developer is the music composer of the video that had the highest click rate (over 86 million clicks) in YouTube in 2010. He made a dialogue of an ordinary newsreel into a song, which made the video become famous instantly. From this, one can see clearly his ability to create music.

This program has several prerecorded melodies. So you only need to record a few words (no need to sing; just speak), and then choose a melody you think is suitable. It will change the tone and tempo of your speech to match the melody. Different melodies produce different feelings, making everyone sing a song at random like a rockstar.

You need not know how it works. Anyway, this iPhone App performs such magic. I have to say this App is the savior of people with tone deafness. 

Whatever you say to Songify will become a piece of electronic music that is pleasant to the ears


The Video Introducing Songify


Toyota’s “Backseat Driver” – Another Recent Masterpiece

When an automobile brand introduces a brand App, racing games, appealing commercial videos and catalogues of the automobile are always the top choice. If the App is equipped with gorgeous interface design and can be downloaded for free, it will be certain to attract prospective car owners or the brand’s current followers. 

If Toyota introduces a similar App this time, it is not worthwhile for me to write this special column. Backseat Driver jumped out of the mode above. It not only paid no attention to introducing the functional performance of the automobile, but also targeted children without purchasing power instead of car owners!

Backseat Driver, as the name suggests, means making a child act as your backseat driver. When you are driving, the child seating at the backseat can also “drive synchronously with you” on iPhone using Backseat Driver to simulate the road and actual driving situation. Isn't it cool?

iPhone synchronizes the road you’re passing in real life to the Backseat Driver in real time. Looking at the screen, a child can control the lovely small car in the game by moving the mobile phone like a steering wheel: you turn left and he will also turn left; you turn right and he will turn right, too. You play the role of Papa Car in the game. In front of the small car, points that will make the player score will be cast continually. The key landmarks you pass in real life will also become icons that can be collected. The player can gain points by collecting them. The points the player collects while driving can be used to customize his car to design a unique Paper Car.

Toyota makes a favorable impression of the brand with their target market by winning the support of children, which is really a stroke of genius. 

Cute App-Backseat Driver


Backseat Driver can drive with you synchronously

The Video Introducing Backseat Driver

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She goes through the brand strategy, product concept, all the way to the product launch.

She pays close attention to both the traditional marketing mode and the trends in Web2.0 and Social Media.

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