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Home education has taught us since we were kids that carbonated drinks are detrimental to our health. In recently years, Coca Cola extended the most fundamental health problem to the issue of environmental protection. Each year the amount of empty bottles causes significant impact to our environment. Few years ago, Coca Cola’s factory in India overdrew underground water which led to land subsidence. As a leading beverage brand in the world, Coca Cola is facing environmental issue caused by consumption. How did it once again become a winning brand in the face of negative new coverage and adverse information on health concern?

This year especially, Coca Cola was detected to contain ammonia water and just recently, substance that may cause cancer. How does a brand face such negative news? With the help of London ‘Green’ Olympics, as a major sponsor of Olympics, Coca Cola successfully reversed their negative image. 

Coca Cola established an eco-friendly Coca-Cola Beat Fleet that accompanied Olympic torch on the route. It claimed to have the eco-friendly spirit that London Olympics strives for and announced that they would collect all the disposed Coca Cola bottles in the 2012 London Olympics to make it a fiesta of low-pollution! The fleet contained a Coca Cola Olympics recycle vehicle, and it enabled the audiences to have the exclusive opportunity to take a photo with it and upload to Facebook, creating positive feedbacks through social media. This brand thoroughly overthrew the negative issue and promised that for each bottle you drink, it would be recycled and remade into a new Coca Cola—a zero pollution promise to the environment. 

▲Coca Cola released 10 fun facts about being environmental friendly, aiming to make the Olympics sustainable games. 

The Olympics is held every four years and it has always been a global event that congregates people around the world. Brands and media try their best to be associated with the Olympics. The modern day Olympics have transformed into a symbol of positive recognition and the most glorious display field for brands. It was most evidently demonstrated by Coca Cola that rode on the coattail of London Green Olympics. We realize that even though the product may be flawed, if the brand image is deeply rooted, then chances are, we would still choose ‘it’ intuitively when we walk in a convenience store. The reason for that is the sense of trust for the brand. Coca Cola overturned its negative image and made it a positive force for improvement of the world, this truly deserves our admiration. 




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