Creativity: Turning the Negative Positive

( Source of picture:http://www.casaoito.net/coca-cola-security-cameras)

We tend to have preconceived images or stereotypes towards certain things, such as associating a tattooed person with drug use, a guy dyeing hair blonde as delinquent, a strong muscular man must be meat-lover, girls must love playing with dolls or guys will inevitably cheat etc. (please scrap the last one).

Stereotypes are generally negative perceptions. What is your impression of surveillance/security camera? Monitoring, stalking, uncomfortable, violence-related, insecure…? 

This Coca-Cola commercial from Latin America turned the usually negatively-associated-surveillance camera into a happiness catcher that capture every second of moving moment about bliss, love, peace and friendship. Hidden in the dirty, obscure corner, the surveillance camera actually capture moments of happiness. 

What does Coca-Cola want to convey? The target market is Latin America, a slightly unsafe area (my own stereotype for Latin America). Coca-Cola’s brand slogan is ‘Open Happiness’. Placing it in such unsafe marketing environment, Coca-Cola took a creative twist and turned the security monitoring machine, which is highly related to local’s safety issue, into something unconventional ‘Let’s look at the world a little differently’. This was a creative take to overturn the stereotypical impression embedded in consumers’ heads. 

(Source of picture:http://cargocollective.com/pattyorlando#Coke-Open-Happiness)

In the commercial, the snap shots taken from the security camera revealed moments of happiness and love. I believe these were not the results of professional acting but they actually went through surveillance tapes and selected the pieces. If they actually hire actors to play out the scene, it wouldn’t have the same effect and could potentially be harmful to the brand image. 

Commercial producers would never think of something negative to communicate with the consumers. We need good creativity to elevate the message. Converting message through the ‘black box’ and using an innovative and positive narrative to imprint happiness in consumers’ mind, Coca-Cola also makes a lasting impression. 

Coca Cola Security Cameras



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Bruce participated in various domestic and international commercial production, film launch and theater marketing; worked in creative script team of Beijing Branch, Densu Group (Japan); worked as a director for Gamania. He currently served as section manager in product development department in GJP. 


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