Olympic Spirit Within Gamania

For the longest time, the Olympic Games, held every four year, have been the heart of global attention.  All the best athletes gathered in one place, aiming to be faster, higher and stronger. It is a fight for the individual as well as the country. During the Olympics, the world seems to become ‘flat’, there is no time difference and no linguistic, cultural or ethnic barriers. All the audiences cheer for exceptional performances done by the athletes, regardless of winning. 

Do you know that there are 76 countries in the world that have not won any single Olympic medal? Olympic Games are held during a 16-day period every four years where most of the athletes train for a lifetime to be there, despite the chances of losing. What exactly is the charm that makes everyone dedicates their lives so unconditionally? 

The answer is: the Olympic spirit! 


Olympics were established in 9 B.C, which also incorporate a system of thoughts and culture. Olympic spirit emphasizes on peace, mutual respect, learning and fair competition. People from over 200 countries across 5 continents in the world could come together through such international exchange and improve themselves. 


Take 100 meter sprint for example, from the medical point of view, it is generally thought that judging from the limitation of human muscle fiber, it would be impossible for humans to finish 100 meters within 10 seconds. However, there were people who disagreed and determined to challenge this ’10 second barrier’. The first person in the history to broke the 10 second myth is Jim Hines from the U.S. He finished the sprint with 9.95 seconds on October 14th, 1968. After 9 years, in 1977, another person broke the 10 second barrier, Silvio Leonard. With the advance of technology, the improvement in training methods, adjustment in running posture, assistance of state-of-the-art sports equipments, there were more and more top athletes who overcame the limit. In 2008, there were 14 athletes who finished less than 10 seconds, in a total of 53 times. In 2009, Usain Bolt created a new world record of 9.58 seconds. 


This ‘blink of an eye’ 0.37 seconds took the athletes 41 years to train! 


From the above example, we could see that if it weren’t for Jim Hines’s perseverance, demonstrating to everyone that ‘nothing is impossible’ and breaking the record through countless repeat of practice, we wouldn’t have held our breaths when watching the Olympics, anticipating that 1/100 second improvement. All of these serve as an illustration of the spirit of daring to challenge and improve upon oneself. 


 If you give up, you lose! 

Comparing the Olympic spirit and Gamanian spirit, there actually share a lot in common. If it were for Albert’s persistence in the beginning, finishing his dream and challenge of ‘making the game my profession’, Gamania wouldn’t have got to its place today. Albert’s grand tour in the North Pole and tour around Taiwan by foot were also evidence of his exploration of self-limit. When we challenge our limits, we get to be with ourselves much deeper, converse with ourselves and know the depth of our wills. This way, we could restart and activate deeper energy within. Gamanian spirit includes the challenging factor. We are not only adventurous in the virtual work, but in reality, Gamanians possess of young, daring hearts. 

Albert (left), Kevin Lin (center) and Tommy Chen (right) challenged self-limits and completed the grand tour in the North Pole in 2008. 


Albert, “Facing frustration, in order to realize your dream, it’s is very important to persist on. Fine-tune yourself, learn some know skills, adjust your mood, it can be done.”


Our CEO, Albert came back from the challenge tour of walking around Taiwan by foot in 30 days. 


During the walk, Albert’s feet were sore and hurt from the long-hour trekking, so much so that his whole body was trembling, however, the anger transformed into excitement. Albert said, “I’m highly competitive, when it hurts to the unbearable breaking point, I’d know my ‘mind’ is back and that I could continue to walk on.” There and then he picked up the pace and carried on the journey. 

Gamania Cheer Up Foundation encourages teenagers to dream and be themselves. Last year, they finished the non-engine driven sailboat across Taiwan Strait, completing 996 km in 72 hours (above). This year, the Foundation led the youngsters to cycle around Taiwan, completing 1111km in 15 days (below). 


These 10 teenagers steered the Gama-Courage, non-engine driven sailboat, sailing their way from Hong Kong to Taiwan. These members learned skills such as professional nautical knowledge, and most importantly, they learned not to give up and find the solution to the problem in the adverse situation. The journey was met with Sarika typhoon, the surging waves made everyone worry that they may topple over the boat. Everyone had to fight against the nervousness and sense of crisis together. This year, during the 15 days, 1111km cycling around Taiwan tour, the long distance was a huge test on members’ stamina, physical strength and perseverance. Everyone was part of the group, and therefore no matter how much he/she wanted to stop, before reaching the goal, no one had any excuse to give up. 


Olympic Spirit Within Gamania Corporation 

In addition to the narrower definition of Olympic spirit, which is to challenge self-limit, in a broader sense, Olympic spirit can be applied to enterprises. A good international company should possess the attitude of not compromising to adverse situation and continue to challenge itself to a higher level. In doing so can the Group mature in its global expansion. G!VOICE will now take you to review some of the classic reformations in Gamania Group! 


Classic Gamania Reformation 1: Largest Game Room in Asia 

To provide better connection quality, before the launch of Lineage, Albert spent hundreds of millions NT dollars to build the largest online game room in Asia (year 2000). 


Classic Gamania Reformation 2: Multiple Channel Battles with Convenience Stores 

The channel industry has long professed the notion that whoever owns the channel owns the market, which is really unfair to the game companies. The content of the game is the main drive for purchase of product. Convenience stores’ advantage lies in its number in the market. They thought that there would be no sales without distributing channel, so in 2010, they joined together and removed Gamania products off the shelves! However, with the prevalence of broadband internet, Gamania successfully changed consumers’ purchase habits. We changed the strategy and led our players to download the game programs. The sales of conventional game package through distribution channels have no longer been considered a threat to Gamania. We do not back down or compromise easily! The winner is the one who persists. This is a boycott effect that the convenience stores had never anticipated. (year 2010) 


Classic Gamania Reformation 3: Gashàbeanfun!

Upgrading all Gash members to beanfun! members was a daunting task, however to provide players with better service and integrate all the resources, the operation team spent about a year’s time doing the transition and upgrade. Now, the players only need a set of account and password to play all the games provided by Gamania. (Year 2011) 


“Continue to challenge the limit” was what Albert wished for 2012. In the conjunction of Gamania’s expansion to the world, every reformation is a tweak to make Gamania as a brand to stand out in the world stage. Like the athletes who compete in the Olympics challenging themselves to break the records, while gathering all the attention and recognition around the world, Gamania faces all kinds of threats in the market in 2012. And Albert officially made the announcement to ‘never give up’. Gamania not only does not compromise, we seek to become faster, higher and stronger. Embodying the Olympic spirit, we ‘stick together’, shaping a force of confluence, as symbolized by our orange segment logo. 


The Olympic spirit grasps the attention of the world. Media and brands from all over the world seek the opportunity to collaborate with the Olympic Games. It holds a universally recognized positive value and that is the reason for its immortality. Gamanian spirit not only incorporates the Olympic spirit, but it’s bigger than that. Our core values and the values that Gamanians extrapolate are the key to the shared identity that governs all Gamanians in the world. 


“2012 is a crucial make-or-break year for Gamania.” In the name of Olympic spirit, Gamanians, let’s sprint forward! 





Source of pictures:  http://bop.nppa.org/2009/still_photography


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