Association, Support Audience Curiosity

I used this award-winning film to discuss about how to create a CF when I was working in China.    

Epuron – the Power of Wind        

We usually say there are lots of techniques to express your creativity in a CF. One such techniques is how you can guide audiences – what kind of stories you intend to present to audiences with what kind of scenes. So, by the time audiences follow your tempo and finish the CF, they can still recall key messages stored in their memory.   

Here comes the key phase – “Not just to finish the CF, but also able to recall the key messages!” This is the basic rule of advertisement and also the reason customers hand over big cash.   How is it possible to ensure that audiences finish a CF and also recall key messages afterwards? The key is Guidance of Curiosity. If we are to catch a mouse, then we need to guide their curiosity. It is essential the same with audiences – we want to make sure they follow, or are guided by, our conceived logics to escalate imaginations in their brain and keep our key messages (or product in this case) in mind.   

Make sure audiences watch the CF because of their curiosity and then figure out the messages at the end. From the beginning of this CF, a weird-looking giant comes to sight. He describes his story in front of camera with a funny English accent. He said nobody liked me. Everyone misunderstood me. Everyone felt I am annoying, and it is probably because no one knew what I do and even I myself had no clue. Until one day, he looked at me, handed me a business card and gave me a job. Then from that day, I realized that I am useful and I can accomplish something!  

The actor is huge but shy. With a pirate face, he speaks fearfully. The curiosity is hidden behind visually elements, and the lines and plots are presented from scene to scene and are seamlessly connected to slowly debunk the mystery.   

Finally the secret is revealed – it is an image CF of German Wind Power Plant. Audiences will remember it after they finish this CF. Manipulating curiosity of consumers and ensuring they remember the product afterwards are the purpose we create CF.         

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Bruce participated in various domestic and international commercial production, film launching and theater marketing; worked in creative script team of Beijing Branch, Densu Gropu (Japan); worked as a director for Gamania. He currently serves as section manager in product development department in GJP

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