Paper Tape Inventor Visits Taiwan – “mt Exhibition”

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The introduction of Japanese paper tape triggered a fashion of paper tape in Taiwan as well. The many colors and patterns of paper tape make it a unique form of expression. Paper tape is now not only just used for decoration but also the creator of endless business opportunities. Starting out as a type of stationery, it has been expanded to 3C products and furniture as well. It is now an indispensable part of cultural & creative products. Behind it all is the original inventor – the famous Japanese paper tape brand “mt”.

The real charm of mt is in how it not only sells paper tape, but also creative ways of using paper tape. It unselfishly publishes all kinds of creative applications for paper tape to let everyone know how the paper tape at hand can be used on anything in life. Be it handicrafts, decorations or mosaics, paper tape can help enhance its visual aesthetics. The “mt exhibition” will undoubtedly feature all kinds of creative paper tape applications that have never been revealed before, If you like doing things yourself or creative visuals, the exhibition in Taiwan by the inventor of the paper tape should not be missed!  

▲mt paper tape can be creatively used with all kinds of everyday items.

Exhibition Content

The 2014 “mt exhibition” in Taiwan follows on from mt’s previous “Taipei mt ex” exhibition in 2012 that attracted crowds of paper tape fans. The exhibition will be held at Eslite Taipei in October and will be the largest overseas exhibition to be held by mt. The highlight of the exhibition will be the collection of 245 handpicked limited-edition paper tapes between 2009 ~ 2014 from around the world. The limited edition Taipei paper tape will also make a rare appearance during the exhibition. This will no doubt attract thousands of pilgrims while also filling fans with overwhelming surprise and excitement. 

▲Safari – limited edition for Singapore

▲Nature – limited edition for Shimoda, Japan 

▲What’s left of each mt paper tape master roll when there is not enough to make a full roll. These exhibition giveaways are impossible to find elsewhere. 


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